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Who is this site for?

  • web designers trying to keep up with the latest design trends
  • web developers curious about cool effects and animations
  • anyone interested in building a website that gets attention

Who is behind the site?

Website Deconstructions

Petr Tichy also known as Ihatetomatoes is a Melbourne based front-end developer with over 10 years of experience on the web.

He likes to create and share these deconstructions, to help other web developers and designers build better websites.

How can you stay in touch?

If you were looking for a Facebook page or Twitter handle for Website Deconstructions, sorry to disappoint.

I want to keep everything very simple.

There is this site and an email list. Nothing else.

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Really no social media profiles?

If you really want to stay in touch with me or say hi, here are the links to follow:

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Thanks for all the support, feedback, questions and suggestions I’ve received so far.

You’ve been great.