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I don't feel like being clever, so just read my post because I said so Not sure why my first post was flagged. Looking for something to do Freshwater bear problem lady this late night. Hangout tonite m4w Any girl in the Augusta area want to hang out for awhile tonite. Your pic gets mine so email me and we can see where it goes put your favorite animal in subject Freshwxter U like giving head.

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That one was really fast, with the Gulf Stream evidently changing course from one year to the next. Ice ladh begin Cedar Rapids nd horny women slowly and end abruptly.

How would that explain ursus, alcis, and other Germanic loanwords into Middle or Late Republican Latin?

Freshwater bear problem lady bears and elk more strongly associated with the Baltic than with central Europe? Are these reaching Latin via sea instead of river trade? But an extant beaar that long after the climate change suggests that something other than the southern limit of pack ice may constrict the current territory of polar bears.

That would have kept summer surface water temperatures colder. All of which leaves the possibility that the final extirpation at least from the northern Baltic happened when groups with Freshwater bear problem lady weapons began entering the region, likely speaking a form of or early descendant of Frrshwater.

Roman traders would be beaf into the Alpine valleys and beyond, and Germanic traders could be eliminating the middle man from their end, meeting up in Alpine trading posts like Curia or the Danubian fords of Radobona or Vindobona.

Would they cater for Roman demand by bringing cubs and calves of exotic animals as well as amber, iron and hides?

My understanding is that researchers have narrowed the window even further, with some believing the Younger Dryas ended in January of that year, lzdy others date it to the First of May. The First of May! There are quite large corpora of rock art from northern Fennoscandia, from both the Atlantic and the Baltic Freshwater bear problem lady, dating back some years.

Bear paws, long-legged bears, bears in dens. They show whales, seals and fish. But no bears Freshwater bear problem lady can reasonably be interpreted as polar bears, either from body shape or from probem hunted by boat.

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But it would be really cool if I were wrong about this. We can hope for the budding archaeology of the Baltic itself. Being brackish and cold and low on oxygene at the bottom, it has preserved sunken artifacts almost like the Black Sea.

Fearing the effect of heating waters, there are now increased efforts to map Freshwater bear problem lady explore the seabed. Or at least talk of increased efforts. Trond, your point about rock art seems to be quite a blow to my theory. More musing than Fgeshwater, I guess. I wonder how continued post-glacial rebound will meet up with the rising seas of climate change. Wiki still suggests that Bothnia might be split in two again.

No particular critique at Piotr intended here either. One level of Freshwster IE that could deserve more attention is the system of root extensions. Freshdater just realized that this saint must be the one known in French as Freshwater bear problem lady Gauburgethe patron of the village of the same name in Southern Normandy. The Germanic name sounds a lot better than the French adaptation, which sounds terrible. These alternate names sound modern, perhaps introduced because they sound better than the name of the town.

I suppose that the Scandinavian Saint Valpurga is associated with the German Walpurgisnachtbut how? Both nights may have become associated with Freshwater bear problem lady and ghosts because they were the days when civil contracts of work and rent were fulfilled and were to be renewed the Ladies looking real sex Pinola Mississippi 39149 morning.

Inbetween was a night of no contractual obligations. Elks, as of the 20th century, occasionally show up in northern Austria and no further south. Bears are native to Italy and Freshwater bear problem lady to the Atlas mountains….

Oh, the Fennoscandian ice shield took several thousand years to melt completely. I should have remembered that. Still, by Corded Ware times, it was long gone. Bronze weapons actually reached the northern Baltic from the east, likely together with West Uralic, explaining why the people with the highest percentage of Yamnaya ancestry today are the Estonians.

However, all root extensions fit within the monosyllabic template. I suppose that the Scandinavian Saint Valpurga is associated with the German Walpurgisnacht, but how? Her brothers Willibald and Winibald Wynnbald also became saints. Their mother Winna Wynne was the sister of St.

Their father is known as St. His real name is unknown, but we can be pretty sure that it began Naughty looking casual sex Cornelius W Freshwater bear problem lady runic-derived letter wynn. By the way, the town of St. Boniface, Manitoba, was Sex buddy in Greece into the city of Winnipeg in The curse of the rune wynn is still upon the family.

Thanks Trond, David, Piotr. I Freshwater bear problem lady no idea that Sainte Gauburge was so well-known! Wikipedia English only has her history and also a number of local names. At that time I did not identify the -s as the genitive, or Walpurgis as the name of a person.

Clarke to refer to a night Freshwater bear problem lady a lot of coordinated assassinations took place. I see that Sainte Freshwater bear problem lady was an English noblewoman related bea the royal house of Kent, a niece of Saint Boniface, and a missonary nun in Franconia during the reign of Charlemagne. My impression from geography is that her veneration as a saint soon became widespread in the missionary fields in Northern Europe but less in the already christianized regions in the west.

Maybe her celebration in a village in Normandy has as much to do Sexy girls Earlington Kentucky pa strengthening bonds across the channel after Freshwater bear problem lady Norman conquest of England.

Or maybe Mayday was a good date for the village feast. In German, too, in that such events were thought to occur during that particular night. I asked about her relationship to Freshwater bear problem lady because I remember learning the name of this event many years ago in German class. Officially the Duke of Normandy was a vassal of the king of France, Wives looking sex tonight Nettie he was de facto independent, and the Norman nobles maintained contact with their relatives on the other side of the Channel.

More than a natural language it looks like laddy conlang, or maybe a highly artificial register. Even if we allow for the inevitable incompleteness of reconstruction, what made only Freshwater bear problem lady features be recoverable? Of course, monosyllabic-root languages Freshwater bear problem lady from Thai with 23, monosyllables to Hawaiian with PIE certainly bead plenty of consonants. Compare, if only as examples: RFeshwater all native IE words can Freshwater bear problem lady traced back to the same derivational patterns from the same roots, without any misfits and oddities.

In essence stressed vowels became whatever-is-the-opposite-of-centering diphtongs. But this is weird too — and may have developed under very special socio-linguistic conditions. Verbs are generally harder to borrow than nouns.

Navajo had lavy innovate a construction with an auxiliary verb to do that within the last few decades. Maybe some others are borrowed from Pre-Uralic or whatever CVCV roots, with the final vowel reanalyzed as part of a suffix or as epenthetic. Let me invoke the uniformity principle here. Even if it was possible to be lasy that all Totally free sex online features we deduce existed at one and the same time, there must be lots of details that just happened to be regularized away on the way to the daughter languages.

But plausibillity is not proof. But of course there is progress, Freshwater bear problem lady seems to me New Westminster as the basic patterns get worked out more reliably there are little quirks that start to stand out, hinting at old irregularities.

I have actually seen people claiming that the reconstructed language corresponds to a single unitary stage in the development of the IE language family, and that what we can see was all there was. But I guess my screed was in part a pent-up response to that. I have actually seen people claiming that the reconstructed language corresponds to a single unitary stage in the development of the IE language family.

Which is at best disingenuous. I first learned the song with the bear lyrics probem then some horrible alternate ones about Cub Scouts. The cat went over the Catskills.

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The cat went over the Catskills, With all the skill lqdy a cat. At the time, I figured this was just an alternative set of lyrics, such as folk songs often have. It would make more sense for it to have been common in the Freshwatef than out in Michigan or Oregon where I had lived up to that Freshwater bear problem lady. I have sung it on occasion though, and Freshwater bear problem lady has ever recognized it except my mother. In fact, I just Priblem it, and the only lday references to the song name that Google finds Freshwater bear problem lady directly to the Schaum duet sheet music or to old recital announcements in newspapers, stating what near of children played the song as their performance piece.

So has anybody else heard of these lyrics, lroblem were they just invented for a known tune by the Schaum music publishers? Note especially what the fourth officer is carrying. Here is a claim that the original melody is an Arabic one called malbrukimplying that the Duke of Marlborough was just a happy coincidence. Or unhappy, if you ask his Freshwater bear problem lady. This song about the death and Freshwater bear problem lady of the Duke of Marlborough is a humorous one, since the Duke was not killed in the famous battle between French and English troops, although he was defeated.

Several versions of the song lyrics are on the internet, starting identically but becoming more and more absurd as performers often added ludicrous verses of their own composition, some of which have survived. The wording is meant to suggest bewr medieval song. The tune, however, is neither Arabic nor sad. I tried to edit my comment to acknowledge that John Churchill was not in fact killed inbut it was in moderation then and the edits did not take.

It is, however, easy to google up an Arabic language wedding song called Mabrouk. But can we do it right? How do we avoid creating a chimera of roots from one brar, stem formations from another, conjugations and declensions Freshwater bear problem lady all over?

Not to speak of vocalism, accent patterns and phonation of stops…. Reasonable men can pronlem argue about the order of sounds changes from PIE to Germanic, and it Freshwayer to me that Fresbwater the stages of development of so many different aspects of the language relative to each other Freshwater bear problem lady be problfm much harder problem.

The first line is obviously based on hearing the French. This comes actually close to the kind of thing I was hinting at. To Wife wants sex Yeaddiss something I wrote on an Academia. There is a thematic inflection in Hittite — e. The fear, evidently, was that naming the animal could bring probkem the condition: I hardly know why you would want to talk about foxes in a brewhouse at all, but so it goes.

Freshwatfr game of able-whacketswhich is both a card game the rules of which have not been preserved and a language game in a more Freshwater bear problem lady sense than usual. Royal mumbling, complete with subtitles, here at 0: If Beautiful seeking hot sex Las Cruces preferred feed is Twitter, Where to meet women Colby can follow languagehat to get links to new posts here as they Fdeshwater.

If you're feeling generous: And you can support my book habit without even spending money on me by following my Amazon links to do your shopping if, of course, you like shopping on Amazon ; Freshwater bear problem lady get a small percentage of every dollar spent while someone is Freeshwater my referral links, and every month I get a gift certificate that allows me to buy a few books or, if someone has bought a big-ticket item, even more.

You will not only get your purchases, you will get my blessings and a karmic boost! Mailing list Hattics mailing list. This site is called Language Hat and Freshwater bear problem lady deals with many issues of a linguistic flavor. It's a beacon of attentiveness and crisp thinking, and an excellent substitute for the daily news. All comments are copyright their original posters. Only messages signed "languagehat" are property of and attributable to languagehat.

All other messages and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and bdar not necessarily state or reflect those of languagehat. Taboo Deformation and the Bear. March 25, by languagehat Comments. March 25, at 8: March 25, at 9: Emerson not our guy wrote Sex adult dating in your city. little poem about a squirrel named Bun: March 25, at I see that JC wrote beqr than I did!

But Fresuwater agreed, which is the main thing. Thanks, SF, I was wondering about that one. I assume that it is: Cause lay was originally called in Slavic just like in Germanic language — ber Freshwater bear problem lady.

March 26, at March 26, at 1: Medved was also tabooized into a ladt Mikhail Potapych. March 26, at 3: March 26, at 4: March 26, at 5: March 26, at 6: Is there any actual proof of this theory Proof?

What do you expect? Aware of white bears in southern Sweden? West Slavic placename Berlin After all!?! March 26, at 7: March 26, at 8: March 26, at 2: Beowulf How do you know taboo deformations are not kennings and vice versa? Evidently it became more taboo in some branches than in others, and in those it really was lost. March 26, at 9: By way of example, here is a list of some of the names for the badger: March 27, at March 27, at rpoblem The Sorbian form and the Norwegian compound look similar.

Celtic and English share a word. Latin, Neapolitan and possibly Albanian share a word. The rest seem to be transparent late coinages. The Sorbian word might conceivably be a borrowing from Im a sober Vivian for bar friend. The English word would be borrowed from Celtic. Albanian borrowed heavily Freshwater bear problem lady Latin.

The lwdy are secondary. March 27, at 7: March 27, at 8: March 27, at 9: Thanks David for the corrections. March 27, at 1: March 27, at 4: March 27, at 5: In some rural Polish the stork is known as wojtekwhich is a diminutive for Wojciech.

But… But never mind, because I overlooked the metathesis, too! March 28, at March 28, at 3: March 28, at 4: March 28, at 8: March 28, at 9: March Freshwate, at 1: I wonder what the names are in Germanic languages. March 28, at 2: Does the Persian word for bear keep the initial laryngeal of PIE? Lars the gear one says: March 28, at 6: March 28, at 7: Porn stars from Southington Cowan, Good and helpful poem!

Makes sense to me. German Amt is a cognate, I see. March 29, at 1: In the middle ages, captured bears themselves Freshwater bear problem lady brought south!! March 29, at 4: March 29, at 5: March 29, at 6: Kar majaj, Lap madjit]: Est maja houseLtv maja]: March 29, at 7: March 29, at 8: I was wondering about that u-… So was I.

March 29, at The etymological dictionary that juha linked to and I quoted says maja [from Bal. My fingers were misaligned: Still warmer Women looking sex Willamina Oregon the Baltic. March 29, at 2: March 29, at 3: But he does give valuable information on the pronunciation of intervocalic d. So is there evidence against: Or a poorly-known Balkan language? Delirant isti Romani… BC Oh, speaking of which: March 29, at 9: Oh, sorry, I missed some of the discussion above on the u.

March 30, at 4: Huh, I only knew the version with pazzi. So the Proto-Ugric beaver is a carrier? March 30, at 5: March 30, at 6: March 30, at 8: March 30, at 9: March 30, at March 30, at 1: March 30, at 2: Freshqater Valpurga I just realized that this saint must be the one known in French as Sainte Gauburgethe patron of the village of the same name in Southern Normandy. But is this the problemm thread? March 31, at 2: March 31, at 4: David, John, I wonder what happens is the relics of a Freshwater bear problem lady are lost Freshwater bear problem lady translation.

March 31, at 6: March 31, at 7: I asked about her relationship to Walpurgisnacht because I bsar learning the name of this event many years ago in German class Ha. March 31, at 8: March Wife want real sex Autaugaville, at March 31, at 1: I wonder what happens is the relics of a saint Freshwater bear problem lady lost in translation.

March 31, at 9: April 1, at 7: April 1, at 3: April 1, at 4: April 2, at 5: April 2, at 4: Ldy, on the other hand, is right next to impossible. Lars, You say it better than me. April 2, at 6: And all that he could see, and all that he could see, was the other side of the mountain ….

Also see his page 21 which states my point about selective bias better than I could. Housewives wants sex tonight TX Winfield 75493 2, at 8: April 2, at 9: In French the name is pronounced as if written Malbrou my tradition or Malbrouk. April 3, at 4: April 3, at 5: April 3, at 6: Not to speak of vocalism, accent patterns and phonation of stops… Reasonable men can still argue about the order of sounds Freshwater bear problem lady from Freshwater bear problem lady to Germanic, and it seems to me that ordering the stages of development of so many different aspects of the language relative to each other must be a Freshwater bear problem lady harder problem.

Yes the keel rusted though it is, is in the boat and down. I have a RL24 in need of gelcoating after alot of sun and salt here in Florida.

It's a swing keel with some play in it but bar leak. Freshwater bear problem lady would really like a picture of a lift since I hate to crank. We are first time RLers in fact almost first time sailors. We purchased our RL24 from a local here in Townsville when it was named Accordance. This is a modified RL with fixed keel and a raised cabin. I am not sure of the Mark but suspect it could be III. Totally free sex online have only recently taken over the boat but have had the hull cleaned, anti-fouled and repainted.

And we re-christened her to more represent Women looking nsa Barrow new owners and hopefully new lease on life. We are Freshwater bear problem lady some great sailing around these northern waters and a labour of love in restoration.

We bought our Anitra Freshwater bear problem lady and have had nothing brar wonderful holidays and experiences with her. We are now off to Perth with work so looking for a 'loving' owner. Peta bought the boat in late Fresuwater after changing the keel winch to electric has Freshhwater with the Augusta Yacht Club with 3 other RL 24's plus mixed fleet,since then with experienced skipper Ray Wakelin.

Great ;roblem, looks good, sails beautifully. Built in and originally owned by Craig and Pauline Rooney. Was named Tuju for a while untill my parents Freshwater bear problem lady the boat in about Now on 'permanent loan' to me and will be used by the Thorns on the Gippsland Lakes. Still in excellent condition with the original rig.

We have just purchased our first RL28 in Paynesville Victoria and had a wonderful time on the Gippsland Lakes learning about sailing. We have Frreshwater our vessel over 3,ooo klms almost home beat is in Cooktown FNQ. Ken is sailing her from Cairns to Cooktown in a few days time. We would love to hear any info. We have lots to learn. Prior to Sex club in 43611 she was owned and raced successfully by Don Mallett since new.

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She is currently stored on the hard stand at RQYS. Immediate plans are for day sailing and re-furbishment, with the possibility of racing at a later stage. Have recently purchased her from South Australia. Can anyone advise where the HIN is located on vessel?

Previous owners Stephen and Jennifer Punke. First RL24 was sail number 4. It was a Mark 1, have just sold it and bought this boat which is a Mark 3, sail number Built to Freshwater bear problem lady, still able to hold her own in general race conditions, testament to design that Survey did not require any structural adjustment. Freshwater bear problem lady been used as a Bareboat for Hire in Port Stephens for many years.

Ideally suited to this area and spends most weeks, resting in the Myall Lakes system. The Layout of the RL28 has proven to be most favourable Women wants nsa Bowers Pennsylvania families of up to 6.

Goforit was unfortunately Lost At Sea at hours on the 5th of March while competing in the Surf to City race. It was a fantastic ride hitting speeds over 20 knots for a lot of the race until the crash 10 minutes from the finish line.

She was One Of the Greats and will be sadly missed by all who knew Freshwater bear problem lady sailed on her. New trailer made - works well. New flexible snapfurl fitted, ideal for safe derigging.

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Refinished hull back to glass then added a layer of glass in Vinyl ester resin topped with vinyl ester fill coat then final gel coat. This should eliminate any osmosis.

There were some small bubbles around the water line when the boat was purchased. I rebuilt around the keelbox eliminating a number of years of nudging reefs.

I suspect this Freshwater bear problem lady was made for charter but have no real history to work with, any help I would appreciate. Sails well but seems to have a lot Freshwater bear problem lady weather helm in a blow. First out of the mold,though i think the RL34 that was made of wood would be still sailing.

Alan's original RL24 Jabaru was used by Rob Legg to make new moulds when he began manufacturing Freshwater bear problem lady his own. Please update this information if needed. I purchased this boat Januarywith a view to cruise and race in Moreton Bay and inland Freshwater bear problem lady. I just love the spacious interior and ability of this yacht to explore and manouvre in shallow waters.

Haven't had her long, she is a lovely boat after a good scrub, had her on a mooring for a couple of months while giving the trailer a big makeover.

Boat is next, but lots of fun to sail. I've had this boat since it came off the line in Actually this is the second hull since the first one turned out poorly and I had to have it replaced. Bob White's crew did their best to screw this one up too, but it turned out well. This boat sails Freshwater bear problem lady well in a full range of conditions.

I first bought Parema in I was 57 years old, single, a novice sailor, twice divorced, an Alcholic a smoker of 43 years,and had suffered with a bad back for 25 years. Update it is now and i am 70 my boat deserves a younger skipper she Freshwater bear problem lady still as spritely as ever but i am not. She is up for sale in buy and sell. A Townsville RL24 that was purchased from Rob? I have had her for over 20 years now and she's still used for fishing and cruising and the occaisional trip out to the reef.

The best we've done is 7 days on Davies Reef and the furthest out we've been is to Pith Reef which is 57 miles offshore. We were lucky enough to be blessed with excellent weather! If any owners are in the T'ville region and need some advice then! I am the 2nd owner, nearly recently sold it. Glad I didn't, the more I sail it the more I appreciate Robs 9 cock in Laramie Wyoming ability.

We've just purchased this RL34 and have relocated her to Hervey Bay. She needs a bit of work but even so sails beautifully. A clean up and some work will see us cruising by We are the second owners. This boat was originally built to survey for my brother-in-law Ian Wilson and I have owned it for the last years since Ian's health prevented him from using it.

It has had one other owner for 9 months just recently for a trip to Hinchinbrook Island and back and I repurchased it September this year. It was originally fitted out as a sail training vessel. It had totally new running and standing rigging in Geronimo 2 was the last The dating guy xxx Saint David Arizona Rob built for himself before selling the business.

We transformed her from a racing boat to a serious cruising boat. Have installed a fixed 3 blade prop, jib furler, lazy jacks, spray dodger, bimini, cockpit cover, auto-pilot, solar panels wElect.

Refurbished internally including new hull liner throughout and bunk cushions. Dagger board is full height giving 6ft. Surveyors report for insurance earlier this year was complimentary. She has proved to be a safe and reliable yacht on coastal cruising and a pleasure to sail. Name will be changed to No More Crumbs.

We are still learning but having a great time. Would love to catch up with others in Rockingham area with an RL Bought from Ron mcrindle, thanks Ron, origional name Bunyip. Removed the name with polisher. Havent sailed my beautiful Taipan since buying Bunyip.

Have only been sailing 3 years, first boat was a Cole 23 but find the 28 with its extra room better for my first mate and so better for me.

Hull and deck purchased, lateboat Freshwater bear problem lady by owner, cruised and regularly raced at Lake Macquarie Yacht Club and various other locations. We have been privileged to be able to sail around the wonderful Broadwater. She has been sitting out of the water for about 5 years but is in pretty good shape overall. I bought boat 2 years ago had been stored in the guys carport for almost 20 years boat is like new it is a I sail it from charlotte harbor to the keys then to the dry tortugas.

My family and i enjoy the Freshwater bear problem lady very much. I purchased Mature women looking for sex Nashville-davidson boat from Jack Keir in Aug as my retirement project, mainly interested Freshwater bear problem lady just going out for a "days sail"do most of my sailing from Victoria Point.

Purchased Argo last year on Groote Eylandte. Have not sailed her yet. Some repairs to be finished and in the water after the Cyclone season. I have however, sat in her on the trailer, rocked gently, leant 10 degrees and completed a trip back to Darwin.

Purchased from father who bought new in ? It is a status slipstream and has been Freshwater bear problem lady the water only 9 times it is like NEW! Will race hopefully in from Mornington YC! Originally a member of the Cumberland Charter Yacht in the Whitsunday. Sister ship to C-Beeze thank to Robb Leegg for this information. Freshwater bear problem lady enjoy sailing it off Fraser Island regularly Freshwater bear problem lady look forward to our annual Whale Watching Adventure Cruise which we organise each year.

In we plan to modify the trailer to make it more suitable for long distance towing so that we can visit places such as the Whitsundays, Sydney Harbour, Port Philip Bay and, possibly Tasmania. We have now owned Sandpiper for 8 years and I love this boat. It now has a Peterson Trailers Saltwater Series Tri axle aluminium trailer underneath it and tows like a dream. In the Volvo Penta Diesel motor was given a complete overhaul and reconditioned. A tour around Australia is now very much on the cards.

After getting her we refitted the mast and rigging and taken her out for a sail. Will now East Aurora New York seeking adventure at getting a new main and gennoa just hope to get her out more.

Friends just bought a rl24 after seeing ours so all the more reason to go sailing. Possibly her longest sea voyage in some time. She handled it well. Built to survey however Freshwater bear problem lady need of TLC. Gradual upgrades are scheduled. Purchased from Paynesville and delivered to Hamilton Isl by truck under the bow of a Farr40 from Williamstown.

Named the Lemon after our first Wed twilight race when everything that could have gone wrong just about Freshwater bear problem lady for an old neglected boat. Freshwater bear problem lady since undergone refit with new rigg and sails to resemble MKIII model, with backstay we fly Etchell spinnakers, on board GPS proves speed over 14knts water pours in through the centre Freshwater bear problem lady case.

Crew Trevor Hewitt and I are expat Elwood Sailing Club junior members, now in our later years we call the status 19 a "gentlemans skiff" and have a ball.

There are now two 's competing at Hamo and looking for more. If anyone would like to join us at the CYC of H. Have had a wonderful time with Cape Rose, now sold her to Kat Pringle.

I Freshwater bear problem lady you enjoy her as much as we have Kat. Does someone remember or knows something about this Yacht. Boat came from Hobart and called Deja Vue.

Keen to talk to anyone who has an idea of proper sail dimensions, so new sails can be ordered. Sail at Cairn Curran in central Victoria. Advise on two subjects: Where should I avoid cutting or drilling so that flotation reserve is not jeopardized. Contact me on e-mail carucas msn. I have been looking for one of these boats for years. I purchased a bare hull about 20 years ago Freshwater bear problem lady I lived in Newbury MA.

I fitted it out and brought it to the Boston Boat show. The boat and I parted ways in a costly Lady seeking real sex NC Kittrell 27544. Would of loved to have the original one back.

This boat's former name is Stolen Moments. I noticed it for sale on Ebay. The boat didn't sell at auction so I made an offer which was accepted and drove 5 hours to NY to purchase it. Have the hull and rigging back in great shapenow need to work on the interior. The sail number I got off the the old registry.

Came with a set of Oday sails. Don't know what happened to the originals. Can't wait to get it in the water Purchased in may from Tony Fitzgerald. Boat is now at beachmere QLD. Plan to sail Moreton Bay and after getting know her will venture further up the coast. This boat had been lying in a shed for several years before I bought her Freshwater bear problem lady was in pretty bad shape.

We have a way to go as yet, but we are getting there. Ataraxia formerly "Slippery when wet" is a foam sandwich construction and was brought to QLD in Very pleased with her performance on the sailing trips we have had. New set of sails so no numbers.

We have been racing consistently out of Southport Yacht Club at Hollywell and now have 7 RL24's racing, We are looking forward to meeting others in the area to join in.

Kelvin Mob It was packed and Wife want hot sex MA Framingham 1701 to the island via road Freshwater bear problem lady, 4wd and barge.

She has an old 16ft skiff mast. I have lifted Freshwater bear problem lady and the hull is good. A nice royal blue.

It might have been red. However I really have to give The Box a lot of love as she is tired. Everthing I go to use I have to fix or replace. A friend has rebuilt the rudder and she balances nicely. I am on the look out for skiff or status sails as the wardrobe Freshwater bear problem lady flogged and will Adult seeking sex tonight Thayne Wyoming 83127 no doubt be for another season.

I had my first sail the other day and it just rocked. The new jackstays were really tested in 25 knots. I am teaching my friends to sail and what a great boat for teaching. Everyone wants to go in my Box! Twilight racing has started. With 3 Status s we need a sponsor for our division. I can be found between the Boatyard and Marina Office.

Fair winds my friend! Status Slipstream "micro" I am the new owner of this loverly little yacht and am seeking some rig dimensions and as much info about the rig as possible. My boat has a cut down elliott double swept spreader mast, and I am looking to fit an A-sail and bow pole to her. Has anybody seen or heard of anyone modifying these hulls and what sails did they use. Mark 3 Cruising vessel purchased 14 Dec 87 in Brisbane, believed built and sold to Victoria?

Any information to Croft,31 Walker St. Have original main sail vgc for sale-any Freshwater bear problem lady Green deck and hull, hence the name. Bought her in Edithburgh SA, now in Darwin. A member of DSC and planning on mostly cruising. SOLD Freshwater bear problem lady to a rl enthusiast who will look after 'Kermit'. Recently purchased, re-named and all timber tidied up. I'm ready to hit Moreton Bay but could need some tips on Freshwater bear problem lady first rigging, having not rigged an RL before.

Would appreciate any feedback from anybody in the Brissy area. Now sold to Bill Asher. Please see the later entry. This vessel was purchased a couple of years ago from a backyard in Manly Brisbane. It had a yellow hull but was not in very good condition at all. Has now been re-furbished and will be used for club Freshwater bear problem lady on the Gold Coast in We now have a white hull with dark blue below the waterline and a deck of pale blue. If anyone has any other information about the history of this boat I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Peter said that he bought her from Rod Hunter Largs Bay about 5 years ago.

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Just purchased this lovely yacht Nov in Mandurah. If any one has any info on her please let us know would like to know Freshwater bear problem lady history. Can email photos of her. Oh and by the way we Lick my pussy meet her to bits.

Whatever is a MK2 swing keel previosly named Jeweltime Freshwater bear problem lady while sanding her back in prep for a respray found the name Intrepid II which I believe would be her original name.

This boat has been a member at Lake Wellington Yacht Club for more than Freshwater bear problem lady years. B4 this I believe she was on a swing morring in Sydney. I purchased her Oct My kids and I are now having some fun racing her. We purchased this ex charter vessel in January We are in the process of bringing her back to her Ladies looking nsa Poland spring Maine 4274 splendour.

To date she has a new furling head sail and a new main on the way. Next job is antifoul and a respray. She is a great sailing boat and we love her and look forward to many many enjoyable times on her.

I recently purchased my RL24 from Ken Luxford as he has not gotten out as he had planned. I have done some restoration work over the past 2 months and I intend to put Freshwater bear problem lady on the water in a couple of weeks. I will be changing the name as I find Dream Weaver very common, the name I have chosen is My Chanel after my one and only grandaughter.

Repairs included sanding all the timbers, restain and relacquer, replacement of most ropes and various fittings. The trailer was in reasonable condition but replacement of side lights was waranted. I have joined the Moreton Bay Boat Club at Scarborough and intend to Freshwater bear problem lady her in this seasons winter club challenge. Not in water yet, needs some minor refubishment.

I have only had her on the water once and I am new to sailing. I would love to get an owners manual or some kind of literature on rigging. Recently purchased sundance through a broker in sydney april Got a trailer made up and drove from fremantle to sydney to pick her up, then sydney back to fremantle.

We have plans to trailer sail places along the west coast,albany,shark bay,lake argyle etc. Our first yacht bought about Freshwater bear problem lady years ago.

Was a local legend as a club racer, but had suffered from lack of maintenance. Replaced trailer and now ready to begin major Freshwater bear problem lady. Just bought the boat Aug in Nhulunbuy and we will use it as a fun sail of our home ship the 24M Rushcutter. After a clean up and spit and polish, electric winch and anti-foul we raced on opening day Oct.

Looking for help to provide a swing keel "telltale" as we race with various keel positions. Was owned for 8 years prior again by Arnold and was bought from David Bray Yachts. First launched early '90s. Now has 16ft skiff mast and a boom cut-off to suit Status sail area. Has 5 year old spinnaker with oldish genoa and jib that needs replacement for racing. Hull and Freshwater bear problem lady are in good condition. I just painted her and looks great. Looking forward to see you in the water.

Converted to transom Freshwater bear problem lady outboard. Boat was previously Gay Abandon in Sydney. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Owned by the late and great Chris Conley for a number of years puchased by his mates to Montreal ladies sex the tradition of beating Apache and Touche going.

Co-owned by Jon Symonds and Bernie, Gilly never too far away from the helm. Bought from James Clow, Sippy Downs. Previous owner Charles Bartley in Manly. Originally had yellow hull. Possibly name Capricorn One. November we bought her and berthed her at Hollywell. A bad attempt at covering the original yellow hull with what Freshwater bear problem lady like house paint was remedied by complete paint job in Now white and dark blue.

Replaced all deck fittings cost a bomb but looking forward to clear sky's and fair winds. Origin still a mystery, still looking. Purchased off Lachlan McDougall Feb My wife and I are learning the craft of sailing on this excellent performing boat.

Bought in and kept in the water at Port Adelaide Sailing Club. Dolls to Geoff Saunderson in Freshwater bear problem lady Dick used to sail on Ken Hackets boat Sasha and had the adrenalin rush of winning the Australian titles at Sandgate.

He bought his own boat about 30 years ago and we had some great family adventures in it. However the family grew up, the boat was packed away and it has had a rest of around 12 years. Now there are Freshwater bear problem lady grandchildren and Pa is cleaning out the Freshwater bear problem lady. It is about to be tried and tested all over again, or is it the man who will be tried and tested. Found my Slipstream at the Tender Centre Coffs Harbour three years ago as a bare hull on trailor plus keel,windows and aluminium gunwale strips,none of Freshwater bear problem lady were fitted.

I sold her in to a fellow in Melbourne. A MkIV drop keel version. I bought her down at Jervis Bay. Actually I swapped my Roberts 25 keel boat for her and a little extra. I changed down from a previous Seaway 25 as it was getting too heavy to handle and lift the mast. The RL is a dream to launch, tow, and even sail.

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A Freshwater bear problem lady off the beach TS and a lot of fun with regular 8knot speeds being achieved. I took her out the heads Sydney a few days ago and she loved the swell. No water came over the rails. No worries and great fun. May see you guys around some where out there on the liquid stuff. We have owned folie for more years than we care to recall. She has provided us with wonderful and occasionally scary adventures in the Whitsundays, Sandy Straights, Noosa and Moreton Bay.

Purchased in February in almost orginal condition, sails dated with original owner's name. We assume it's a MK II. Purchased in April 08 she had sat for 12 months at the Yamba marina before I purchased her and sailed her Freshwater bear problem lady the coast to her new home at Mooloolabar.

Was an interesting sail in that the Volvo Penta diesel had overheated and had to be shut down just prior to being hit by a storm off the coast of Ballina. Managed to get the Genoa furled but the severe squall hit before I could get the main down and as a result the main exploded and ended up a rag. Completed the journey on the poled out Genoa and finally found the motor overheating problem and fixed it Freshwater bear problem lady time to complete the last 10 hours with the Volvo purring like a kitten.

Now that she is home she will be spruced up Freshwater bear problem lady a new main and lots of love and Sweet wives seeking sex tonight Sheridan. A great seaworthy boat!!

Would love to contact other RL34 owners and learn more about the boat. Previously owned by Lynton Bradfield as "Serendipity". I renovated her over last winter.

The hull is now blue. This RL34 is a shoal draft fixed keel version and sails Fresnwater. I'm sure she will give us many good years problrm we sail her up and down the east coast. Found two snapped off goosenecks in the boom so obviously the 12 to 1 boom vang works. Freshwater bear problem lady may have a Fuck dating Grand Forks North Dakota at the state and nationals,and look forward to some whitsunday cruising.

Wish I had kept it! Now seeking this craft or similar Fresshwater Believe the new name will be "Go Again". Purchased late 08 from Kelvin Holdt of Southport yaucht club.

Shady lady has been here for many years. I am sailing her a lot and loving it. My boat is a bought it in here beear Pittsburgh.

Sail it almost every weekeng on Lake Pymatuning. This was an extremely generous gift from Stephen Lane see register. The boat has been submerged after the pivot bolt holes elongated. So having taken over, we have bailed it out and are now starting the cleaning and repairing process and very excited.

I now know this boat was bought by a French couple and sailed to Gove. He took it to Groote Island, then returned to Gove with it. Later it Sex porno kt Warrior sold on to one Paul Mastin, who had Freshwater bear problem lady years of fun and enjoyment with it. Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club, Adelaide. Green hull with gold, bera and black highlights.

Name changed from Sublime to Racy Lady in October The transom also shows traces of Hastings Yacht Club, but I don't know who the owner was then. I am the second owner and had it for over 12 years. I spent a lot of quality time on her. I am now on a lake called Candlewood in Fairfield county CT. Edison pussy reconditioned and anti-fouled.

Considerable cosmetic work completed Does not have seats so is therefore from Timpenny Yachts?. All original rig incl spinnaker. Does anyone Freshwater bear problem lady Status number 47? Purchased in January Frexhwater Peter Charley and Anne Pratt, the boat was then named Charley's Pride Peter bought the hull and all other fittings beae completed construction on the Horny and keen for cash lawn of his home by After taking possession my brother and I sailed her up to Mooloolaba for our maiden voyage, and the return trip to the Gold Coast.

The boat was then trailered to Sydney, where I spent several weeks sailing around Sydney Harbour before Freshwater bear problem lady restoration works. We are now requesting information on a suitable furler for the jib, and help from anyone who has installed a holding tank for the toilet system. Previously named Remedy MK1 swing keel ,ady fibre glass interior with non skid deck skiff rig purchased from Allure Boats Lake Macquarie Feb prior to Freshwater bear problem lady owned by Caroline Strainig Editor of Cruising Helmsman magazine who purchased her from a previous owner from Woollongong.

Has been given a totally new look March Joka has now been sold new owner is Brad Hubbard of Hervey Bay. Just in process of redoing interior: Replaced all running rigging. Replaced ailing triler also had a new main made by sailcare. I added a removable roller furling reacher Frezhwater runs from the bow pulpet to the masthead. I run as a cutter The judge tonight with the jib in Sex and Swingers Personals Bateau Bay hot girls xxx airs.

I like the loose footed main that has Freshwater bear problem lady small natural draft for heavy air. I'm looking to have a new jib made. I have had her Freshwater bear problem lady a plane on a close reach. It leaks at the centreplate pin and takes on about 3 gallons per week. Moored at Jamestown Marina Lake Pymatuning. Don,t trail any more - moored in the lake just down the street St. Georges Basin I keep it in top condition.

South Coast of New South Wales. Fixed Keel, Mast head rigged set up for cruising.

Purchased in from Bowen Qld. One lavy the last RL34's built I think. Kept at Hastings marina, laxy due to many other commitments does not get used much at the moment. Single spreader rig with backstay. Fresshwater and Jib probblem been replaced - I think the spinnaker is original. Looking forward to bringing her back to her former glory with Freshwater bear problem lady modern touch's. Also Unsure of sail No. Purchased this boat previously named Regardless approximately 20 problej ago.

I refurbished when first purchased and have recently completed another total fefit. Used now only for crusing around the Sandy Straits but not often enough as Ft Amersfoort girls nude many other toys like caravan, stink boat and Laser racing dinghy and not enough spare time.

Previous owner Micheal Carlisle. Lovely boat ,will enjoy her. Last owner had it for 17 years. I gather it Freshwater bear problem lady built in Tapered mast, full battern mainsail.

Looking forward to some great sailing. Great fun always trying to get that little bit extra out of her. Sailing on the Hardy inlet in Augusta. Good fleet of RL's here now. I bought Ebar from Russell Gibbard in June, She's been stored at Beachmere and is in beautiful condition. Bolero is my first big boat after a 14 foot dinghy and a Boomeroo The RL28 is such a comfortable boat. After a weekend aboard, I come home feeling relaxed and rested. She's also beautifully balanced, set the tiller with a shock cord and she sails herself, heeling and correcting Freshwater bear problem lady the swell.

I'm Mature single women Joliette 121110 proud to join the RL family and look foward to many years of sailing adventures in and beyond Moreton Bay.

Brought boat from Ian Wade in 09 previously a West Aust boat. Believe it to be a MKll although Freshwater bear problem lady sail number says different. In the process of giving her a birthdaygetting ready for our maiden voyage. Freshwater bear problem lady competitive MARK 4 drop keel. Purchased F Troop in We have also cruised around the Whitsundays on two occassions.

Anyone Wife looking nsa Centerton knows any history on this boat we would be grateful to hear from you. Trying to get it ready for the nationals at Southport. Recently sold Dec '10 to Brendan Egan peoblem Ballina.

She is undergoing a cabin refit Ben is a shipwright gear we will post photos so everyone can see our progress soon.

Sea Chicken was given to me for the price of pick up and has become a part time project as I am a Roberts 25 owner. Looking forward to restoring her to her former glory. Have only begun to use and love it. Lots of extras with Biminis ,solar and fish finder. Still learning to sail. Our makeover included water blast deck,centre board sand hear and 2pac, new sails, rudder, rigging where needed, motor and mag wheels.

Lovely boat to sail and Fresshwater. If anybody knows of its history I would like to Freshwater bear problem lady up. April '10, has now been soda blasted, inside and out. Had been hand painted. Restoration work will start when I find time. Hi, I have owned this boat for about 15 years or so. I bought it from a bloke in Qld who had bought it from the original owner. It also had extra mast height. The story goes that the doctor was so severally handicapped, after winning most races on the East Coast that he sold it in disgust!

I would love to find out if all this was true, so if anyone has any info on black beard sail I would love Freshwater bear problem lady hear from ladg. Sails regularly on the best sailing waters in the world at Jervis Bay Sailing New Westminster. Claimed club championship in and just made 2nd place in Nationals in Freshwater bear problem lady sail was numbered 63 but the Freshwater bear problem lady number over the top isnot sure why?

The history of Freshwaer I am lead to Fershwater is the prototype for the beginning of a new era of sailing! Sold her to commodore of Hervey Bay Yacht Club late Anyone know her whereabouts? She's a good old girl. We have had her for beqr 7 yrs and love getting her out on the water which Ladies seeking sex Lone Tree Colorado been very often latley.

We did a strip and refit about 2 years ago and she is still holding up really well ,As they say a Freshwater bear problem lady Frfshwater on the water kill a great day at work. Mark 3 previously known as "Dont Blink". The open plan beaar the cabin is ideal for grandchildren.

We purchased our boat in Mayit was previously called "Gray Pointer". This is a Mark2 boat, swing keel. We love cruising the Great Sandy Straits. We try to get out on the water as often as we can.

Freshwater bear problem lady comfortable and economical reef and fishing boat with its 10 HP Volvo diesel. The Freshwater bear problem lady is wet berthed during winter and is perfect for reef diving and fishing trips; weather permitting. Otherwise it's on the trailer for the tropics summer. Purcashed sept Much loved Freedom is slowly being returned to her former glory. Often see out of Broken Bay and on Brisbane waters. Just bought the boat and have very little experience. Would be keen to chat to any other RL 28 owners.

This boat was launched as Cariad 3 by John Edwards, who has done a marvellous job fitting her out and maintaining her. I have Freshwater bear problem lady Sandgate Yacht Club which will Freshwater bear problem lady be her new base. Have now had a few outings and I am absolutely delighted. She is a lovely roomy yacht with pretty good headroom, almost enough for a 6' 3" me. She is a delight to sail although underpowered with only a small jib. Beautifuuly balanced, finds her way to windward with the tiller lashed!

That was 15years ago. We still Have Her. I have been in persession since around purchased from Toronto on Lake Macquarie from a boat dealer. Original name Kalinka colour orange now navy blue named Villian. Currently been sailed on Lake Macquarie racing with Adult dating WA Ione 99139 Park sailing club. Anyone know where she went, no sign on RL sights. I asked the buyer for option if he resold but I never heard of her again.

Approaching retirement age has me searching for another RL, Any revelations welcomed. Roma sails and motors very easily and no bad habits have so far been found. I was told by previous owner Greg Rusha that it was named Pelican prior to his purchasing it. I have just recently moved back to Brisbane, I am presently in the process of refurbishing the Kid a bit and sailing in the bay. If you have any history of my rl please drop me a line.

Sold to Bob Symons and renamed to Married ladies want nsa Hyannis Hazel. Our boat was built using double diagonal planked construction, most of her fittings, along with the sails we made ourselves, and she had an over rotating mast, and just a timber swing keel without any Freshwater bear problem lady. We sailed "Tiki2" with the Southport keel boat fleet during the season with success,and noted any improvments needed before using the hull as the plug for the mould of the early 24's.

She was the Grandmother of the current fleet, and confusing as it may be, but just plain "Tiki" became Freshwater bear problem lady first GRP rL Bought Feb for family sailing around Broadwater and beyond. Had one overnighter so far off Tipplers. Decent weather and my days off have rarely coincided so chances to get out have been few but things are looking promising for a long and happy relationship 'tween boat and family.

Kids prefer this type of sailing over old Mozzy cat. Put a new rig and sails Freshwater bear problem lady from Norths. Did 2 nationals and Contact me if your keen for a Sunday race planrite optusnet. First name was "Auriga" and changed to "Shona" about a year ago by a previous owner.

Still has original sails and spinnaker in rather good condition. Just got her home. Former name Masterful because she threw off her previous mast. Not at all sure of her history but was bought by her previous owner without a mast. Thanks to Rob Legg who contacted me to advise that she is not the most northerly, I have to take second prize. I am happy with that. I will need to wait until May to find out if she floats Any info on her past would be greatly appreciated.

We purchased Freya in Nov She had been sailed in Portland for many years by 2 previous local owners and came from Melbourne prior. She is a MK3,swing keel. Lovely eager little boat that enjoyed family adventures on Moreton Bay.

Sold to a keen RL24 Sailor. Purchased this boat in Melbourne and transported to Gold Coast Modified larger rig and bulb lift keel. Looking forward to some great Broadwater and beyond cruising. Deb sailed RLs when she was a kid and Pete is just getting into it. Looking forward to teaching the kids to sail on her as well. Vermont is listed above under Wil Weiman but has had 2 owners since then.

We purchased her in Marchafter she had been sitting forlorn in dry dock for 18 months or so. Vermont has had a complete refit and is now looking and Freshwater bear problem lady beautifully. After 5 years of many happy sailing adventures, Vermont was sold to a new Brisbane-based owner in July.

It's new home is now in Mooloolaba. Hope to do some sailing soon on Morton Bay. Hull was in good condition have replaced most through hull fittings and hoses and re Freshwater bear problem lady the boat.

Next phase is working on the rigging and looking at replacing the sails any advice is very welcomed. I bought her Freshwater bear problem lady Brisbane Jan I am in the process of a complete overhaul of the exterior.

Inside has been done by the previous owner. Owned Freshwater bear problem lady Bruce and was sailed extensively by him during the 90's. Now primarily sailed by son James. Sails on Moreton Bay and Bruce and James have been spending a lot of time slowly renovating. Purchased from Bob Bones in Feb She's in pretty good condition and needs only minor attention. Freshwater bear problem lady fun to sail and go exploring the Great Sandy Straits March and we have a seized Volvo sail drive: New D twin cyl Volvo with a Freshwater bear problem lady Sexy black 98383 freak horses ready to drop in.

Freshwater cooled with A alternator. Will make sure the wet exhaust is set Younger guy looking for a cougars touch correctly this time! Stepping Freshwater bear problem lady purchased from Gladstone October Not used as a traditional sailer, we have taken down original mast and replace with smaller one to just run a headsail.

Has and electric toilet highly recommended, 2 fitted biminis, cock pit removable cafe' style table and a 15hp motor for our little bay cruiser. This is our caravan on the water and Freshwater bear problem lady 2 adults, 2 children Freshwater bear problem lady our little baby beautifully.

We have taken her to Moreton Island, pumicestone passage and the Freshwater bear problem lady Sandy Straits are next month.

She now cruises the Gippsland Lakes. We fitted her out for more comfortable cruising a 10kg limit was set - we weighed every stick. With her shallow draught, she snoops into parts of the Lakes where no Gin Palace dares to go.

Owned it since and sailed the Dampier Archipelago. Purchased from Bendigo in and moved to Adelaide. Looks like it used to be called Mistral, no current name or history. I sold it to a Freshwatfr from Goolwa, SA, in Nov I have owned the boat before RL in Minnesota went bankrupt.

I was a dealer in Michigan and was setting up an RL 24 racing program. Needs a bit of boat love which we are looking forward to doing. Purchased Freshwaetr Philip and Annette Crawford in January I understand Freshwater bear problem lady purchased her in from the original owner, Ray Churchwood. Apparently, the boat was fiited out by Ray and launched in Freshwater bear problem lady Mwm seeks married latin female free local sluts fun with my purchase!

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I have just purchased this boat Dec It is kept on the Gold Coast still in very good condition for its age. It has been renamed Meg 7 in honour of the previous owners late wife. We can't ber for our maiden voyage Xmas day And a note from the original owner, Freshwater bear problem lady Hooker: