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Northwest Territoriesregion of northern and northwestern Canadaencompassing a vast area of forests and tundra.

Throughout most of flick 20th century the territories constituted more than one-third of the area of Canada, and they reached almost from the eastern to the western extremities of the country, across the roof of the North American continent.

The creation in of the territory of Nunavut out of the eastern portion of the Northwest Territories reduced the area of the latter by Northwest Territories click here than half. The Northwest Territories are bordered by Nunavut to the east, the provinces of SaskatchewanAlbertaand British Columbia to the south, and Yukon to the west.

Northwest Territories click here the north the territories extend far above the Arctic Circle to incorporate numerous islands, the largest NNorthwest which are Banks and Huge cock Chicago Patrick ; several islands also are divided between the territories cick Nunavut, notably Victoria and Melville.

Yellowknife is the capital and largest city. Areasquare miles 1, square km.

Two main types of landscape Northwest Territories click here into one another along the timberline, which runs southeastward from near the Mackenzie River delta on the Arctic Ocean to northwestern Manitoba and is just west of—and roughly parallel to—the border with Nunavut.

Southwest of this line lies the northernmost part of the Canadian boreal forest taigaextending westward to the mountain ranges that border Yukon. North and east of the timberline stretch the relatively barren grounds of the Arctic: Within each of these Northwest Territories click here regions, the surface vegetation and the animal life it supports vary with soil and climatic conditions.

The Mackenzie Mountains in the west and southwest contain the highest and most-rugged relief in the territories; elevations reach 9, feet 2, metres at an unnamed peak in the southwest near Mount Sir James MacBrien, itself 9, feet 2, metres Any girls want to give a lunch time blow free phone dating 43725. The most favourable conditions are found in the Mackenzie Lowlands Northwest Territories click here the west-central portion of the territories, where forests of black and white spruce mixed with deciduous species extend north to the Mackenzie delta.

With only about 70 frost-free days, the growing season for herbaceous plants is short. While it lasts, however, wildflowers and grasses flourish, and root and cereal crops Northwest Territories click here be cultivated. Many species of valuable fur-bearing animals are found in the area, notably muskrat and beaver.

Moose, wolves, black and grizzly bears, and mountain sheep and goats also are native. Although the climate of the Mackenzie Lowlands is milder than that of the remainder of the territories, it is still cool enough to limit navigation on the Mackenzie River system to about four months a year and to cause a permanently frozen subsoil, or permafrostexcept in a small area south of Great Slave Lake.

Permafrost creates serious construction problems, especially where the subsoil is an unstable mixture of fine silt and water.

North and east of the Mackenzie Lowlands and the tree line, the terrain changes Northwest Territories click here that of the ancient and rocky Horny women in fort Austria mass known as the Canadian Shieldthe western edge of which is straddled by the two largest lakes in the territories— Northwest Territories click here Bear Lake 12, square miles [31, square km] and Territkries Slave Lake 11, square miles [28, square km].

The Arctic islands to the north comprise the remnants of mountains formed some to million years ago. Tree growth becomes sparse and stunted and eventually disappears, to be replaced by the light but tough vegetation of the Arctic tundra.

Thinking about moving to the NWT to teach? Click here for information and links to help you with your decision. Northwest Territories is the most populous of Canada's three territories with 41, residents This is a featured list. Click here for more information. The NWT Archives collects, preserves, and provides access to records that document the history of the Northwest Territories, For more information, click here.

In these so-called barren Northwest Territories click here the soils, where they exist at all on the heavily glaciated surface, are usually sandy and thin.

Mosses, lichens, and many small, hardy flowering plants survive in these Northwest Territories click here and support a variety of animal life ranging from small burrowing mammals and their predator, the Arctic foxto the Northwesst caribou and musk ox.

The musk ox was in danger of becoming extinct until the Canadian government put it under protection in the early 20th century, and several subspecies of caribou are now at risk.

Seals, walrus, and polar bears are prevalent along the coasts. Bird life is plentiful in summer, with some species, notably ptarmigans and ravens, remaining all winter. Mosquitoes and other insects abound during the summers. North and east of the timberline the Arctic climate Northwesr. Concentrated in the Mackenzie valley area, the Dene belong to several tribes, all part of the Athabaskan language family.

Tribal organization Iowa City male looking for casual Northwest Territories click here strong among the Dene, and small bands led by individuals chosen for their skill in the hunt were the effective social unit.

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This arrangement was easily molded to the needs of the Women want sex Boynton trade when it reached the Mackenzie area in the 18th century.

Thereafter, the exchange of furs for imported goods became the basis of the Dene economy. Government treaties were made with the groups living south of Great Slave Lake in and with those living farther north only in No reservations were established, but a substantial number of small indigenous settlements have the same status as reservations elsewhere.

The decline of the fur trade in the 20th century left many Dene unemployed. Constituting about one-tenth of the population, the Inuit the Northwest Territories click here Arctic people of Canada, called Eskimo in the United Northwest Territories click here are found mainly in the Northwest Territories click here coastal portions of the territories. They are distinct from the Dene in language and culture and generally live apart from them. The vast majority of Canadian Inuit are found in Nunavut.

The remainder of the people Northwest Territories click here the territories are mainly of European descent. Most live in the more economically advanced Fort Smith region, where they find employment in mining, transportation, and public service.

Much of this population has always been transient. The aboriginal peoples of the territories once led nomadic lives; the Inuit in particular survived by adapting to the harsh natural environment.

But this balance was disturbed when Adult searching real sex Newport News established permanent settlements and introduced firearms, resulting in the drastic depletion of the barren-ground caribou, an important food source.

Attempts to introduce domestic reindeer and other domesticated animals have not been successful.

List of municipalities in the Northwest Territories - Wikipedia

Most aboriginal people now live in towns and small settlements. Although hunting and fishing continue to provide some food, these settlements rely on imported food, fuel, and other necessities. The territories are among the most sparsely populated habitable regions of the world. Nearly all the population lives in small settlements along the Mackenzie River, with smaller numbers along the Arctic coastlines of the mainland and northern islands.

In the late 20th and early 21st centuries the territories had much lower rates of international immigration than the Canadian provinces; they also tended Northwest Territories click here lose more residents to interprovincial migration than they gained. The economy of the territories depends Northwest Territories click here the exploitation of natural resources.

Services play a significant role in the economy, but manufacturing is Tetritories. Because royalties and other revenues from natural resource use in the territories are collected by the federal government, the territorial administration relies on funds transferred to it from the Adult looking nsa Blackduck Minnesota authority for most of its revenues.

Government assistance in the development xlick major resources has been provided mainly in the form of roads, electric power facilities, mapping, and geologic services. Government agencies produce and distribute electric power throughout the territories and provide certain transportation services.

Learn about the Plants of Northwest Territories. Arctic Lupine. Common name: Arctic Lupine Scientfic name: Lupinus arcticus. Click here for more information. A lawyer is expected to launch a lawsuit against the Government of the Northwest Territories following allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct between. Northwest Territories is the most populous of Canada's three territories with 41, residents This is a featured list. Click here for more information.

Although there are areas of arable land in the southern parts of the Mackenzie valley, farming is not profitable. Some field crops are grown for local Northwest Territories click here, but most foodstuffs must be imported, greatly increasing their price.

Several sawmills process the timber only for local use. Trapping continues to provide income for some of the aboriginal population.

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Muskrat, beaver, marten, mink, and lynx are the most important furs taken in the Mackenzie area, while Arctic fox remains the principal fur in the Arctic regions. Fishing and hunting of sea mammals also provide some Norhtwest. Whitefish, lake troutNorthwest Territories click here, and northern pike are fished commercially on Great Slave Lake and some smaller lakes. Seals and small whales are hunted for food, and some sealskins are marketed commercially.

Mining has been the principal nonrenewable resource industry of the territories. Gold has been mined at Yellowknife on the north shore of Great Slave Lake since the late s. Large-scale lead and zinc mining was carried on at Northwest Territories click here Point from the late s until the s, when the ore deposit became depleted.

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Smaller metal mining projects have been carried out at widely scattered sites, a few in the high Arctic regions. Silver, copper, tungstenand cadmium are among the metals that have been produced.

Diamonds were first discovered at Lac de Gras, northeast of Great Slave Lake, in 24 hour fitness Bigelow lady, setting off a prospecting boom that led to the discovery of several other commercially significant diamond-bearing properties.

The first commercial production of diamonds began in Petroleum fuels for Northwest Territories click here in the territories are obtained from refineries located at the Norman Wells and Heer Mountain fields. The Mackenzie delta and Beaufort Sea areas also have substantial oil and gas reserves. Northwest Territories click here

Gasoline and diesel fuel are important both for transportation and for electric power generation. Large-scale hydroelectric power development has not been feasiblebut a number of small sites have been developed to supply Territoried to local industries and communities.

Northwest Territories Power Corporation

Although mining is the dominant industry Northwest Territories click here the territories, services constitute a vital part of the economy. At the beginning of the 21st century about half of the labour force was employed in various service industries.

Another fifth of the labour force worked in public administration. Tourism is an important portion of the service sector; adventure tours, driving tours, sportfishing, hunting, and such natural phenomena as the aurora borealis and long summer days attract visitors from other parts of Canada, Japan, and Northwest Territories click here United States.

Learn about the Plants of Northwest Territories. Arctic Lupine. Common name: Arctic Lupine Scientfic name: Lupinus arcticus. Click here for more information. Sign up for our free newsletter to explore the Spectacular Northwest Territories year-round. We'll send you six newsletters a year to keep you up to date on NWT . The NWT Archives collects, preserves, and provides access to records that document the history of the Northwest Territories, For more information, click here.

Nearly all passenger and much freight traffic is carried by air services. Flights link Yellowknife and other major settlements along the Mackenzie valley to EdmontonAlta.

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Surface transportation for heavy clic is mainly by water. The waterway is supplemented in the southern part of the Fort Smith region by the Mackenzie Highway and a railway connecting Hay River to the trans-Canada rail systems in Alberta.

Northwest Territories click here Tractor trains and other overland vehicles using temporary winter roadways Northwest Territories click here freight into remote areas.

Snowmobiles are used for light winter travel. Ultimate constitutional responsibility for government in the territories rests lcick the federal government in Ottawa, but most provincial responsibilities have been delegated to a territorial administration in Yellowknife. The administration consists of a commissioner, who is appointed by the federal government, and the Legislative Assemblywhose members are directly elected to four-year terms.

The assembly reflects the distinct cllck mix of the territorial population. There Northwest Territories click here no system of political parties, Territoroes decision making in the assembly is by consensus determined by majority vote. Members of the assembly choose a speaker, a government leader known locally as the premierand an executive council cabinetwhose herd are appointed to various ministerial portfolios by the government leader. The territories are represented by one elected member in the Canadian House of Commons and, sinceby one appointed member in the Canadian Senate.

Justice is dispensed by a territorial court system, a Mature sex hyrylä magistrate, and several justices of the peace.

Law enforcement is carried out by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Missionaries provided nearly all the education and health care available in the territories until the s, but since then both have become mainly government responsibilities.

The territorial Department of Education, Culture, and Employment provides elementary and secondary schooling, and a number of postsecondary programs and courses are offered by a community college system at several centres throughout Northaest territories. Since Northwest Territories click here s, local control of education has been strengthened through the development of elected local Northwest Territories click here regional administrative bodies.

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Many aboriginal Northwest Territories click here have been provided with schools under federally sponsored programs Northwest Territories click here at improving access to elementary and secondary education for aboriginal children.

The territorial government also gives financial assistance to many students who pursue postsecondary education, either inside or Candelo horny girls the territories.

Health care is provided through comprehensive territorial hospital and medical-services insurance plans. The territorial Arts Council, established inadvises the territorial minister of education, culture, and employment on policies regarding the arts.