The Introduction

Learn How To Code From Website Deconstructions

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

I don’t want to waste your time by lengthy introductions, but this is what you should know…

The Idea

This site was born from a simple idea posted on Designer News and the feedback received from YOU.

I’ve been deconstructing websites for some time (Apple Mac Pro, Sony Be Moved, Squarespace) and have learned a lot from right clicking and inspecting elements.

Now you can learn with me.

The Mission

The objective of this site is also very simple.

The mission is to create a site where curious front-end developers and designers learn how to code, by deconstructing the best websites on the web.

If you just learn one thing from each of the deconstructions, my job here is done.

How Can You Help?

There are many ways how you can help the site grow:

Your feedback and support is much appreciated and will help to shape the site into something useful for everyone.

Happy deconstructing!

Petr Tichy
“The guy who hates tomatoes”

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  1. tmatason

    Right on, Petr!
    This is going to fun!

    • Petr Tichy

      Yes, it will. The upcoming deconstruction is really special. Stay tuned.

  2. Vinícius Souza

    Hey guys, really nice website and the project purpose is awesome!

    But… can you please set up a RSS feed so I can follow you through Feedly?

    • Petr Tichy

      Hey, there is a link to RSS in the footer. Cheers

  3. Thinh Bui

    Deconstruction. Very amazing idea !!

    • Petr Tichy

      Thanks Thinh, glad you like the idea. Cheers

  4. Saboo

    Its a very good thing that you are doing..Very helpful for amatuer web-designers…
    Do make sure you take permissions from developers before deconstructing their work..

  5. Phuong.Tank

    Thank you a lot Petr !!!
    It’s been never easy for me to understand all the functions of the code . I mix it up all the time.
    I’m really grateful that you make this project. Awesome!

    • Petr Tichy

      Thanks Phuong, happy to share these deconstructions so you can learn more visually.

  6. B Cato

    You’re a good man, PT… :)

  7. Josie Medel

    I am excited to see and learn from the site you’ll be deconstructing, Mr. Tichy. That’s a great way to learn; that’s how I taught myself most of what I know. :D

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