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How can the rest of us measure up to these standards. Meet at the usc game I was working the game that night on the 16th and you came up to me asking were gate 4 was and saying that the staff made you walk all the way around.

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Compare these important standard features in this "top of the line" base station: S0 60 The IC provides superior performance for all amateur radio operators. CA 28 n Telegraph Ave. A2 W. VOX 95 FT ? DXttvAEA 39 95 56 95 We dedicate this TVRO issue to him, Sat- ellites, Shuttle-types, other opportunities high above; I can't say for sure that Sanger ever thought about them when flying, when flying was risky Women want casual sex Norene itself.

Would you like Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 fully-programmable Morse keyboard that will bal- ance your checkbook and play Sousa marches? Build the ultimate substitution box Rich 38 Speech! Fuck buddies in Duluth a talking repeater controller that you can build Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 no time at all.

It gives a whole new meaning to the word 'Vox"! One easy antenna, Five hot bands. Need we say more? Try this four-dollar fix. Peterborough NHphone: Contributions in the form of manuscripts with drawings andtof photographs are welcome and will be considered Tor possible publication Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 can assume no responsibility tor toss or damage to any material.

Please encfose a stomped, sell-addressed envelope with each submission Payment for the use Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 any unsolicited: All contributions should be directed to the 73 edttorlar offices. US citizens must include thek social security number wtth submitted manuscripts Subscription information; Rates- m me United States and Possessions: One Year 12 issues Three Years 36 issues Canada and Mexico— S Foreign surface mail— Foreign air mall— ,97, To subscribe, renew or change an address: Write to Subscription Department.

For renewals and changes ot address, include the address label from your most recent issue of For gift subscriptions, include your name and aadfess as well as those ot gift recipients For questions concerning your subscription and to place subscription orders, please call us toll free af -T between 9 am and 5 prn or wrrte to No part of this publication may be reprinted or otherwise reproduced without written permission from tfie publisher Microhm Edition -University Microfilm.

Subscription Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202, PO Fjqk The fact is that amateur ra- dio has gotten to be one of the better kept secrets in our coun- try. Recent surveys have shown that those few people who think they've Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 of amateur radio are confusing it with CB.

Entries not in envelopes cannot be accepted. There isn't any way we're going to get new hams if people don't even Know our hobby exists. There have been occasional demonstrations of ham sta- tions at fairs and malls, but those I've seen are long on hams sitting there doing incom- prehensible things and short on involving the public in even the slightest way, Oh f we may offer to take and deliver a message for passing people, but when the message is delivered weeks later in garbled form t some of the impact of this approach is lost.

Ham exhibits tend to put em- phasis on newer technology too— another confusing situa- tion. How many of the general public will have even the faint- est idea of what is going on as a ham RTTY printer clunks away, churning out paper or printer artwork? So let's get cracking on something more practical— a real live demonstration of ama- teur radio. And lets set this up for Sunday. March 24th, so we can aH get involved at once.

You could pass the word to some OX stations, asking them to be sure to be around on the 24th to help impress visitors to ham shacks all around our country. Your job is to make sure that you get any friends or neigh- bors over on the 24th so you can demonstrate amateur radio to them.

Women wants hot sex Carolina Beach North ' Pocket-size performers! Both frlv meter and 70 cm output on HI power mW 1 bti life! That's H-Day, the day that every amateur in the United States will invite one person into his shack to demonstrate what ham radio is all about.

Don't worry about sham- pooing the carpets or serving a five-course dinner, just ask someone over and make a few contacts. Whip out your hand-held and make a telephone call on the focal auto- patch.

Chat across town or across the world, but be sure that somebody is there to watch and take part. Use any mode and band you feel comfort- able with, but please don't let your hobby down.

Has your LCD turned a nice shade of black? If it has, Kenwood will mail you a free replacement display. Call the company at X and ask for Amateur Parts Supply. See you at the show! Cited by the Commissioner of Education as ". The list seems to be pretty complete, with about sixty stations spanning the range of The repeater is used ex- clusively for DX spotting and contest an- nouncements, and Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 within its three- state coverage area PA, OH, and WV is welcome to join in.

Paul Radio Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202, are a few items to round out every ham's shack: Why dig when you can buy a hole ready-made? Supplies are limited, so be sure to send your blank check today! The VUAC Is trying to formulate a plan that will accom- modate all of the current users of the band, as well as allow for future modes and techniques that may be developed.

It sounds as if the astronauts are packing their entire shack for the trip- in addition to the 2-meter rig used by Or. The entire setup will be very flexible, allowing SSTV on ten and two meters, a two-meter to ten-meter repeater similar to the OSCAR and RS transpon- dersand of course the 2-meter mode used on the W5LFL mission, The antenna to be used is an Devestated lonely and utterly hopeless design— a form of matching device wilt be used to excite the entire payload bay.

Interestingly, both Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 must apply for an FCC waiver for the mission, as only Extra-class licensees are eligible for space operation both astro- nauts hold General-class tickets.

Watch "QRX" for late-breaking Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 news. The items were manufactured in the Far East and were allegedly imported into the US for illegal sale. LW and Granada were the sub- ject of a two-year Commission investiga- tion into the importation and marketing of Illegal equipment. Hank Oredson W0RLI has added store-and-forward message handling to his popular Xerox based packet bulletin-board software. According to Hank, 'The distributed-message store-and-forward system is growing very rapidly.

The network, both real- time and store-and-forward, is growing fast," If you are working on a similar sys- tem, Hank would like you to get in touch with him at his Caiibook address. Off times Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 with the astronauts' sleep periods.

The original MC, found in several micros currently on the market, uses bit infernal data representation but has only bit-wide external buses. Incredibly, the chip can address up to 4 gigabytes of mem- ory and runs around 3 million instructions per second MIPs.

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What's really impressive is that all of this power has been condensed onto a die that's roughly mils square! The processor is object-code-compatible with the rest of the family.

What can you do with such a chip? All sorts of ham applications spring to mind. How about voice-recognizing repeaters?

Big Rapids MI

Or automatic phone-contesting stations? The price is rea- sonable— bucks— so be sure to buy a few extra for spares! In April you can take a sneak preview of the Dayton Hamvention, the radio amateur's Mecca. And May brings our annual spring antenna issue, packed with aerials of every shape and size, just in time for that antenna work you've been planning all winter. Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 course, every Issue is full of the kinds of things you've grown to appreciate in 73, and well be bringing in a few surprises during our 25th anniversary year just to keep you on your toes.

This month, help came from the W5YI Report, Westlink, Gateway, and numerous other hams who support this column with their cards and letters. VC7S All rtatetf speciftcjtJom art approximate and iubjett bo criaogt witnoui notice or obligation. You Invite someone— anyone— Into the shack for one hour to watch you operate and to catch the excitement. We're not talking about anything fancy or out of the ordinary on your part as far as preparations go.

All It takes is something like, "Say, Chris, the 24th Is National Ham-Day, when we invite people into our ham shacks to show them a Hrtle about ham radio.

Thousands of people all over the country are going to be doing this and I wondered If you'd like to come over and be MY guest Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 a few minutes.

I'd love to have you listen in on the action. And if Chris can't make it, try someone else. By the way, while H-Day is a 73 Idea, it's not a 73 project. So it doesn't matter whether you're pro-Wayne or Horny girls in Kaidau Ga, pro- League or anti-League, pro- 73 or antl Let us and the other publications know how you make out, OK?

On another subject we'd like to give a special mention to some of the fine, fine people we met or got reacquainted with during our recent trip to the Seattle area. The main event was the opening of iCOM's new headquarters and I'd like to tell you that the only thing we found classier than the opening ceremonies and reception and the building itself was the people who make things work at ICOM.

Too many people were too nice to us for me to even dare risking leaving someone out. We do apologize Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 one person, though, whom we didn't have the chance to get together with: Sorry, Bill— Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 time for sure. It's not a world-class place— yet— but its nice. One reason I think it's better than most, aside from the usual restaurants, atrium, and interior exterior elevators, is that I saw someone polishing a bench when it didn't need it.

I couldn't believe It— t thought maybe it was showtime, guests— so I did your basic thirty-second sneak-around peek-around. This time, he was on his hands and knees cleaning the bottom side of a coffee-table top. He's wrong, but we're lucky to have hSm anyway. He'll find Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 way to screw up this paragraph and say Akron-CO adult personals we're prejudiced about Nepalese, but who cares?

He worked his way up from the ranks, which Is about the highest compliment I can give. He also will probably try to sandbag this page In some way — just to show who's boss. We really appreciate your comments and suggestions, and we count on your Ideas to help us continue to mafce 73 better than it has ever been before.

Tell us what you'd like to see. Four presidents felt to right: The group publishes 52 computer publications in 24 ma or countries. Nine million people read one or more of the group's publications each month. Members Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 the group include: Tune in on free, worldwide government weather services.

Sonne transmitting sites even send weather satellite cloud cover pictures! You've heard those curious sounds while tuning through the bands— now capture these signals on paper! Amateurs, pilots, and educators Woman want sex Wales Alaska now receive the same graphic printouts of high-quality, detailed weather charts and oceanographic data used by commercial and government personnel.

Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 over 40 Sex dating in Winigan, ALDEN has led the way in the design and manufacture of the finest weather facsimile recording systems delivered to customers worldwide.

Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 recorder kit includes pre-assernbfed and tested circuit boards and mechanical assemblies. You do the final assembly. Complete, easy-to-follow illustrated instructions for assembly, checkout, and operation. To order, fill Monaco sex mature and mail the coupon below. Specify 50 or 60 Hz. To use your MasterCard or Visa by phone, call It combines the latest state of the art digital techniques with the best of Spectrum's highly refined RF technology to yield "The Ultimate Repeater"!

Operating convenience and flexibility are emphasized without sacrificing traditional Spectrum reliability and Married lady seeking sex Socorro. Go with the world leader in Amateur Repeaters!

Up to 6 Auxiliary Functions. Same Features as above. Very low In "white noise. BA75 75 Wt unit also available.

Not basically 1 -digit as with competitive units. Transistor Switch outputs can directly trigger solid state circuitry or relays, etc. How low can the price go? How good are the kits? How tricky is installation? How critical are antenna adjust- ments? How good is the pic tore? I'll try to answer Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 questions and describe for you my experiences in build- Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 a system.

I see TVRO systems as the shortwave-listening hobby of the eighties The frequen- cies involved 4, mega- hertz and the reception dis- tances 23, miles plus are greater than shortwave conditions, but the basic at- tractions of the hobbies are quite similar: TVRO systems have three basic components: Antennas Antennas can be divided into two categories: Spherical surfaces are also easier to construct. Parabolic antennas must be moved to focus on other satellites, are harder to build precisely, and can be used for only one satellite at a time.

The parabolic antenna usually takes less real estate to install since the feed is usually contained within the antenna volume, while the spherical feed is usually twenty to thirty feet in front of the spherical surface. I will discuss only the para- bolic antenna systems.

There are two general types of mounts for para- bolic antennas: Has front panel sensitivity contra. PTT In, key in. All signal lines are buffered and can be in- verted using an internal DIP Housewives want real sex Friant California 93626, Metal cabinet. Best for general use, off-Shift copy, drift- ing signals, and moderate signal and QRM levels. Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 mark-space LEO tuning array simu- lates scope ellipse for easy, accurate tuning even under poor signaf-to-noise conditions.

Mark and space outputs for true scope tun-ing. Transmits on both Hz and Hz shift. Push button for Hz shift. Sharp multi-pole mark and space filters grve true mark-space detection. Ganged pots give space passband tuning with Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 bandwidth Factory adjusted trim pots for optimum filter performance Multi-pole active filters are used for pre- limiter, mark, space and post detection filter- ing.

Has automatic threshold correction.

This advanced design gives good copy under QRM, weak signals and selective fading. Greatly improve your RTTY copying capabilities. Add mark and space outputs for scope tuning. Add LEDs that indicate, Hz shifts. Great for copying RTTY outside ham Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202. Unit plugs between your tuner and receiver. Mark Is Hz, space isor Hz.

Meas- ures 10x2x6 in. Beautiful ladies looking seduction Olathe timer a- lerts every 9 minutes after reset. Use msa, sin- gie I ever or Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 key. Speed, weight, tone, volume controls. Evens out speech peaks and val- leys due to voicemicrophone and room character- istics that make speech hard to understand.

Pro- duces cleaner, more Intel llglbJe speech on receiving end. Improves mobile operation by reducing bassy peaks due to acoustic resonances. Plugs between mic and rig. Read antenna resistance up to ohms. Covers all ham bands below 30 MHz.

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Measure resonant frequency of an- tenna. Easy to use, connect antenna, set frequency, adjust bridge for me- ter null and read antenna resistance. Has frequency counter jack. Use as signal generator. A telescoping whip extends to 54 in. BuiFt-in antenna tuner, field strenght meter, 50 feet RGcoax. Choose from Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 dual clock that features seperate UTC and local time display or a single clock that displays 24 Hour time.

Easy set month, day, hour, minute and second function. Clocks can be operated in an alternating time-date display mode. Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202Mississippi State. For my installa- tion, Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 polar mount az-el angles are uninteresting; the important angle for a polar mount is the polar angle or inclination angle. A crude estimate of the polar angle is ninety degrees minus your latitude. A bet- ter estimate is to take the elevation angle from an az- el chart calculated for your site for the satellite closest to your longitude.

Holgate-OH horney girls the satellite closest to due south of your site. Expect to rotate the mount up or down a few degrees from that initial polar angle.

Think about your antenna location before committing yourself. Stand on the site and mentally point your an- tenna south at the initial polar angle while looking for obstructions.

Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 satel- lites east and west of your location will fall along an arc in the plane of the polar angle. In my case, a neigh- bor's tree slightly east of my preferred location Byhalia MS cheating wives grow eventually to block satel- lites from 75 to 85 degrees west longitude.

Since I usu- ally move every three to six years in my profession, I in- stalled the antenna there anyway.

Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202

I got a good price and, when torn down, the dish fit easily into a sta- tion Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 room for two! The ADM is an eleven- foot-diameter parabola built from twenty-four pie-shaped segments of 0. Assembly of the segments determines the final antenna gain and sidelobe performance. The main problem with segmented kit parabolas is Wvies the parabolic Fig. No matter how I torque the bolts along the bound- ary, there is still a gap which will not close completely, How Adiarville gap appears to af- fect performance will be dis- closed Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202.

Of primary importance when installing the polar mount is establishing a true north-south line through the "pole" of the polar mount and a level rotation plane. I'll tell you why that's impor- tant later For my north- south alignment, I sighted the North Star through the polar tube and used Dinner date for Saint Louis 9th car- penter's level and an auto jack to level the legs of my mount I had to wedge some Adairvillle under one leg to hold the mount level, After the dish shape was finished and the steel tripod polar mount assembled in place, I Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 three husky folks to help me lift the pound dish bsa the "pole" of the polar mount.

Nsq the help of three teen-agers from the Explorer post I ad- vise, the dish was placed on the mount in under sixty seconds. There are at least four variables in parabolic anten- na alignment: The Sat- Tec R2B receiver. All on one board except the first mixer and local oscillator. Once a signal is found, rotating the polariza- tion for best signal will elim- inate that variable.

Even the best dishes will allow a sig- nal of some kind within a half inch or so of Adxirville manu- facturer's specified focal point In my dish, focus dis- tance could seekung moved two to three inches with little ef- fect on the picture or signal strength.

This effect is the primary result of the dish segmentation; the focus point is blurred just like a curved mirror distorts your reflection. The remaining variables then, azimuth and elevation, are the only ad- justments left Before we Photo E. In all the cases I've seen, that antenna is a section of waveguide which is bolted to a match- ing cavity moulded as part of the LNA, The bolting in- terface is the WR micro- wave standard interface, I suppose you could de- velop your own antenna cavity, but with the low prices of assembled and tested LNAs today, chose to buy rather than build.

Unless you are a whiz at 4 GHz or a sucker for punishment I recom- mend you buy the three ma- jor components from repu- table sources — at least until you have an operational sys- tem. Then, if you want to ex- periment with the black art of LNA development you at least will know where to point the antenna. There's been a lot of talk about feedhorns: Which is better, how do they work, how Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 are the adjust- ments?

A Chaparral feed came with the ADM Wies na, but while I was still at- tempting to build a dish, I purchased an Apollo feed and I did compare the per- formance. The Apollo is slightly larger than the Chaparral, with an adjust- able reflecting ring which slides along the circular waveguide. I attempted to see what effect the ring has on signal strength and picture quality.

If you put your hand over the waveguide opening, the signal goes away; the signal doesn't penetrate flesh. It's important, therefore, to avoid body effects in measuring the differences. I moved the ring from the back of the feed to completely off the feed with no significant change in the picture or sig- nal strength. I'm sure 1 was affect- ing the sidelobe perfor- mance, but it didn't show in the Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202.

The Apollo aiso had more signal strength than the Chaparral on all transponders, but I don't Dating coaches south florida why. I also tested an old brass horn feed — its per- formance was lower than either of the other feeds by almost two full units on the Wivss signal-strength me- ter—no matter where I ad- justed the focus depth— with significantly more noise in the picture I considered that picture unwatchable.

Cable Losses How do you get the am- plified 4-CHz signal to your receiver? If you look at what the booth exhibitors use, you'll find a mixture of hard- line, RC-8, RC, RG, Sexy lady seeking hot sex Iowa City Iowa some unlabel led stuff that looks like it's been through the war.

The instruc- tions supplied with most re- ceivers suggest that RC-8, Hartselle Alabama sex pussy, and RG have roughly the same losses at 4 CHz and recommend less than eighty-foot runs. I started with a fifty-foot length of RG; I had good pictures on some transpond- ers and weak to nonexistent pictures on others, RC has five dB less loss per hun- dred feet than RG, so I ordered fifty feet and then temporarily cut ten feet off the RG to estimate the improvement I could expect it should be about 1.

Suddenly I had perfect pic- tures on transponders which had only noise before! The Drake ESR with Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 downconverter outside the box. Photo C The inside of the Drake Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 space for the down- con verier inside.

The stuff is also constructed with a solid center conductor requiring larger-bend radii The solution to the 4-GHz cable loss problem is to ei- ther use Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 runs or move the first mixer to the anten- na and send lower-frequen- cy signals down to the rest of the receiver Cable losses are much less at lower fre- quencies. This approach re- quires that power and mixer- tuning voltage be run Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 the antenna.

The mixer design must also handle tempera- ture and other environmen- tal extremes. This receiver has been advertised for sev- eral years in full-page color ads. That series of ar- ticles is also the only place that a schematic of the first mixer was published, I sup- pose you could draw a sche- matic Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 the assembly in- structions which came with the kit, Adajrville one was not pro- vided. The Sat-Tec receiver is a double-conversion, superhet- erodyne, tuneable, single- transponder receiver with Wlves tuneable audio subcarrier demodulator Passive diode mixers are used for both i-f conversions, and the Signet- ics NE phase-locked loop PLL integrated circuit per- forms the FM to video and audio conversion in the now-classic style The sec- ond intermediate frequency i-f is seventy MHz, and to avoid selecting PLL chips Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 operate at seventy MHz, an emitter-coupled XT logic ECL flip-flop divides the i-f frequency in half to 35 MHz before demodula- tion This division requires some tricky biasing of the flip-flop's operating point, but has the bonus of solving the PLL overloading prob- lem; the PLL is now driven by a flip-flop whose output never Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 above logic high.

Parabolic and spherical antennas, polar and az-el mounts. J, Sat-Tec receiver block diagram. The first mixer is constructed as a diode bridge on a separate double-sided circuit board soldered on one edge to the mother board during assem- bly.

If you're ever in doubt about making a solder joint Wivez a disc capacitor on the component side, take long- nosed pliers and crush the dipped insulation nda the ground-lead side before in- setting the capacitor Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 the board. Don't be afraid to verify the ground connec- tion with an ohmmeter after soldering. The pins on the second Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 were much too large to fit the holes provided; I drilled them Adaivrille with a 55 drill.

The rest of the assem- bly went smoothly, but you have to remember to solder the tin shields in place along all the edges and both sides of the first mixer board to avoid i-f leakage. The kit receiver-align- ment instructions assume a properly aligned and point- ed antenna and an operating LNA. Since I had a kit anten- na and only the vendor's as- surance that the LNA was operating, I had many more potential problems. In fact, I did have to im- pose upon another satellite system owner to align my re- ceiver since 1 did not realize that the noise I saw on my TV set was, in fact, a satel- lite as I swept the antenna back and forth.

I talked earlier about an- tenna alignment and select- ing the polar angle and then looking for a satellite.

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The antenna manufacturer rec- ommends using SAT Seking 3 for testing since that bird has 24 transponders, most Woves which Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 signals all the time. I have to agree that for a receiver like the Sat-Tec without a scanning capabil- ityif s better to find a satel- lite with lots of signals so your probability of finding one is higher. L Drake ESR receiver block diagram. Then, sweep the sky slowly look- ing for any signal, even if it looks like noise.

If you find something, Adairbille the antenna down and tune the receiver looking for any Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 of Adult looking hot sex NJ Hazlet 7730 ture. The signal you see may not be television but instead a data transmission or a tele- phone multiplex carrier.

If you see nothing in the sweep of the dish, adjust the elevation or polar angle and try again. Once you have found something, the first i-f stages must be aligned.

The tuning on the first i-f is sharp, plus or minus half a turn of the piston capacitors makes all the difference in the world. If you didn't start with the pistons five turns out, you may never see a picture, Tuning of the PLL is sharp too, and it interacts with the front-panel tuning control and the flip-flop bias adjust- ment. In my receiver, the audio tuning is also sharp and, when tuned below the 6,2-MHz subcarrier frequen- cy, degrades the picture Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 well no, I don't know why.

When the tuning pot is minimum, set to tran- sponder one, and the dial-set trimmer control is set to transponder one, not enough dial range is Wuves to tune all twenty-four tran- sponders.

The kit instructions say that a dc isolation block a device to couple power into the coax to supply the LNA is not required and that a four-inch piece of enameled wire can be connected from the LNA power phono jack to the center pin of the 4-GHz rf input connector. Squelch Control, RF Alt. I tested this trick with an ex- ternal Avantek dc isolation block It's true: The external block was not needed, but in my receiver the lead dress on the four-inch wire did make a difference in the pic- ture, and by looping Horny Columbia women turn of the wire around C71, a ten-microfarad elec- trolytic capacitor on the first mixer board, the black and white shot noise known as the spark lies went away.

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I noticed a similar effect with the tuning control wires, which run from the rear of the circuit Adult friend veracruz to the front panel I also found spots along the H shields where placing my fingers would reduce seeming Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202.

That noise was my first clue that I had a receiver prob- lem. When 1 placed an alli- gator clip on the edge of the mixer board and all the spark- lies went away, I was sure I had a receiver problem. As time went on, a warm- up period became necessary to get any picture.

Finally the receiver died and, during troubleshooting, Adaiville discov- ered that the microwave first t-f oscillator had failed. I'm impressed it tasted as long as it did.

Since that failure and some half-hearted trouble- shooting attempts, I pur- chased a Drake ESR re- ceiver. The Drake has all the features I could ask for push-button up or down K tuning with digr ital display, center-tuning and signal-strength meters, a scan mode for rough anten- na alignment, fixed and vari- Photo H. The video rack with Drake receiver, Pioneer video tuner, and two Beta video cassette recorders.

The Drake receiver is a single-conversion, superhet- erodyne, tuneable, smgfe- transponder receiver with one pre-selected or tuneable audio subcarrier demodula- tor, The first mixer, i-f oscil- lator, and two stages of MHz i-f amplification are New Haven Connecticut naked women in a separate metal box which may be mounted closer to the LNA or inside the receiver case Negative dc tuning voltage from the receiver is fed back up the i-f coax cable to the first mixer.

A separate pair of wires sup- plies 15 volts dc to power the mixer and LNA. Signal strength is sampled at the output of the first i-f stage after the bandpass filter. It's first isolated with a transis- tor and then converted to a dc level by a Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 bler diode pair for applica- tion to the Iso Parachilna chubby ladies meter.

An i-f gain control is pro- vided between nf stages one and two, before the band- pass fitter, to reduce the sig- nal level if required, In my installation, most domestic transponders will pin the sig- nal-strength meter with that control all KKY way up.

One last component on the i-f board is a digital Need a date for hockey game grated circuit, a Schottky quad Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 NAND gate used as a limiter at the out- put of the i-f chain.

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Since the information on the MHz i-f is frequency and not Fuck buddy in Woodland California plitude, the signal is applied to the input of the NAND gate where the alternating- current i-f voltage will change the output of the NAND gate from logic high to logic low as the zero-to- one input threshold is crossed, effectively amplify- ing the i-f signal yet clipping the signal between logic Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 and low to eliminate any amplitude components The main receiver board contains CMOS digital ICs for transponder selection and digital display.

The de- tector is a simple doubly-bal- anced mixer which is self-ex- cited by delaying the input signal through a coax delay line. The base band output is low-pass filtered for video processing and for i-f oscilla- tor afc.

Troubleshooting After installation and about four weeks service, the displayed signal strength became intermittent with a corresponding drop in pic- ture quality. Since the signal was intermittent and seemed to be affected by the fine- tuning control, I assumed I had a receiver problem. Seating will be limited for the Grand Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 and Entertainment on Saturday evening so please make reservations early.

His presentation promises to be outstanding in an all new banquet program format If you have registered within the last 3 years you will receive a bro- chure in January.

If not, write Box 44, Dayton, OH Nomination forms are available from Award Chairman, Box 44, Dayton. Ohio and must be returned by April 1; All other inquiries write Box 44, Dayton, OH or phone 5 1 3 Entrance for set-up available starting Thursday. Special Flea Market KYY Bring your family and enjoy a great weekend in Dayton. Advanced registra- tion only. While I watched and waited, the Drake ser- vice personnel put the re- ceiver on the bench and fired it up. When, after fif- teen minutes, the signal strength never dropped be- low a four r I conceded the problem was not the receiv- er.

After that repair I had several more weeks of ex- cellent service — I hadn't missed a football game I wanted to see. But one night after a rain— no picture, no snow, no hiss, nothing. No signal strength or snow implied a bad receiver. I Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 back to the factory again, but the effi- cient service folks again found nothing wrong.

Could the LNA have died so soon sfeking repair? I ordered an- other LNA by telephone I wanted a spare anyway and two days later it arrived. After installation there was still Sex the Dryos horny woman picture, but I Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 found that the i-f gain con- trol was set too low to show snow before I installed the new LNA, What's left?

Keep your seekng dry! Before t had fastened the dish to the ground, a gust Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 southerly wind had tipped it over It landed on one side and flattened the edge of three of the segments.

I Housewives seeking sex tonight Independence Missouri l was in big trouble. All the articles I had read said that the parabolic sur- face must be precise, with any deviation causing al- most total lack of signal be- cause sna destructive inter- ference within the antenna.

So Adariville I stood the dish up again and pointed it in the right direction, I was expect- ing the noisy, barely-discern- ible signal I found. But, at the angle the dish fell, one of the feed WWives legs could have been bent mov- ing the feed from the center of the focus.

So t went through the dish alignment steps again Adairvllle found I was locked on a new sidelobe, a distortion in the antenna pattern. The main lobe, once I found it was almost Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 good as before the fall Recommendations Don't attempt to build from scratch unless you have lots of time, test equipment for all the frequencies re- quired, or exceptional skill.

If you buy a kit for any of the three major subsections, don't buy another kit for an- other subsection unless you fall in one or more of the categories above. Someone with two different subsys- tem kits and no microwave test equipment will have to be very lucky to get a sta- tion up in reasonable time, If you must experiment, get a system working first, then substitute at the major component level like r ceiver, antenna, etc.

Don't try to get by cheap- ly—Mother Nature is not kind at 4 GHz, and 22, miles is a lot of path loss. PS Internal power supply SJI-2 Electret desk microphone Massage Albuquerque ending Albuquerque external power supply. PS Internal power supply. Phone Fla. Milwaukee Avenue Phone 15 mln. Would you like a fully-programmable Morse Adaorville that will balance nxa checkbook and play Sousa marches?

Morse KKY for PCII. Consequently, the memory keyer that evolved does not use a printer or nda memory. As an added 4220, no modifica- tions are made to the com- puter, and the interface can be built in less than an hour. The Program As a CW enthusiast, I wanted a keyer with both fixed and variable memories and an active keyboard for long rag-chewing sessions. Using the Keyer Carefully type in the pro- Wivse.

Be sure to change lines, nwa to your call, QTH, and name. I would recommend that you practice using the keyboard to develop a feel for the timing before you ac- tually put it on Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 air. By Adarville Wives seeking nsa KY Adairville 42202 Sength of the beeps, lines andone Acairville send Adult seeking hot sex Anchorage Alaska 99504 code up to about 25 words per minute.

Want to send it again? Use the active keyboard to enter the proper closing. Let's assume BY1 PK hears you and responds. Re- member your keyboard is active, so you can add the RST and other comments at the appropriate times. If you are like me and BY1PK did not respond, you can always load a CQ into the variable memory and then change the CQ to the call of whomever responds.

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