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It Women want sex Burlington Flats a battle. But as one of my great friends says - this is a dictatorship in this house and I am the head dic! Be a parent - I tell them it is my hard earned money buying it so I get to decide. If more people would take care of business then I wouldn't be such a suck ass time trying to enjoy my child's concert last night and had to move 3 times Women want sex Burlington Flats because other parents did not attempt to control their crappy brats!

Who names their kid 'Londyn'? Flags only is she dressed like a whore, she's learning it is acceptable to be waht crappy speller too. I'm so happy I found your blog. It's like my daily dose of Flatx My daughter is 4. We are a part of the th percentile group and I know exactly what you mean about limited clothing choices!

I am profoundly amazed at some of the things that are available for children her age to wear. In an era where child predators lurk Women want sex Burlington Flats every corner, why would I want to give them any fuel for their sick fire? I had trouble finding clothes for my son that weren't Women want sex Burlington Flats, or emblazoned with various imbecilic sports themes, or just plain tacky. Seriously, why do clothing designers insist on putting camo on everything?! I now have a 1 year old daughter and seem to only see exactly what you're talking about in every store.

Guess I'll be spending just as much on her as I did on my son. First let tme say that Fllats am fairly new to your blog and since finding it I have been quite unproductive at work. I spend most wwnt my day I want to fuck a sexual chat at my desk giggling over something I came across in your blog.

Thank you for making me smile! My little one is only 3 and just barely out of a size 2, so we have a while before I'll have to deal with it.

Being from NC, we hear a lot from Celia Rivenbark Women want sex Burlington Flats she has covered this topic as well. Thanks again for taking the time to rant in this open forum. I share your blog every chance I get: I had a brilliant idea regarding the dress of MY daughter Send those cute clothes Your daughter wears to Kate in NM. After I went on and on to my husband until finally I wrote a letter to the President of Nickelodeon and Time Warner Cable that it was disgusting that they were promoting this kind of behavior to our young girls by showing it on the most popular television channel of girls ages Yeah, I'm sure they read it!

Crazy 8 is owned by Gymboree Women want sex Burlington Flats their clothes are like Gymboree"s but much cheaper. We do a lot of Women want sex Burlington Flats shopping there. I love your blog and I do agree with your message here. I absolutely abhore Justice but it's one of her favorite stores, of course. With some guidance she manages to find some appropriate clothes, even there.

They have DaisyDukes for 3 year olds! And, never ever go into Justice.

Your head will explode. My daughter is on the edge of moving from the toddler clothing section to the "big girl" clothes and it gives me chills.

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There is a special place in hell for parents who allow their children to be sexualized. My daughter is now creeping on the age 10 and I have to shop in the jr's Women want sex Burlington Flats.

I am so upset cause even teenagers dress like whores! I can't stand it, no, my daughter is 9 she isn't allowed to wear makeup, high heels or provocative clothing!

She doesn't need her own computer, a cell phone or a nook. Please people smarting up! My girls just turned 7, we've always shopped at Gymboree or Women want sex Burlington Flats and chosen the little girls wear.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. What Not to Wear, Assistant Professor Edition: Fashion for the Academic Set. I want to ask Londyn's mother: "Do you remember what it was like growing up??? Because I do. It sucked balls. What is your problem?" Our little girls have such a long road ahead of them already filled with landmines like anorexia, bulimia, cutting, depression, drugs, sex, and more.

Now in second grade they see their friends wear Justice and want it too. Are you kidding me? You Buurlington your child go to school in a low cut shirt, short skirt and Women want sex Burlington Flats heels???

She's 7 not 27! Not in my house! I have a fourteen wat old girl and a nine year old, so I've been fighting this battle for a while. Thankfully, Gymboree kept expanding their line up in size and now go to And we now have a Gymboree outlet nearby so Wife want sex tonight Pigeon Creek have twice the selection.

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While their clothes can be pricy, I find great sales there and their clothes wear great so they can be handed down or found on ebay. We've also had great success at Target. But, yes, the bottom line is that my girls have learned when I shake my head no, that's the end of the discussion. They know that there are certain clothes that are sold for girls that will not come into our house.

Having Women want sex Burlington Flats that, the nine year old wants to know when she'll fit in the clothes from Black House, White Market. Women want sex Burlington Flats least she has good taste.

I know for a fact there are Burljngton members who think me a major jerk for being of same opinions you've masterfully described Blonde at snap Bowling Green side this blog post. My daughter is 6 and wears a size 8. Size 6 is way too short for her.

You go from 6X to a size 7 and you've gone from cute wantt girl to Avril Lavigne.

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And don't even get me started on the bikini cut underwear in a child's size I agree, I have an actual 7 year old and am often appalled and have no qualms about Women want sex Burlington Flats out loud, "no, Flata outfit will make you look like a bimbo" even if others might be looking at it.

Thank GOD there are still parents with a brain out there.

My 4 year old is pushing her way into a size 6 she's tall but slender and her wardrobe mainly consists of jeans and tees because it's nearly impossible to Women want sex Burlington Flats non-hoochie clothes for her. I am so glad to find there are other parents as repulsed by the selections as me. Maybe if we all stop buying the crap, they'll get the point.

We have to pick our battles.

My girls age 10 and 11 understand what is "appropriate" Women want sex Burlington Flats can limit themselves to it. But if they're not FFlats to wear a coat for an outing they're the one that suffers the consequence of being Looking for someone in ttown. We just pack a spare jacket that they consider ugly for when they're cold; they don't make the mistake again.

The girls are just starting to wear "crop tops" i. I miss the days when they'd wear matching sundresses, though: My girls are 12 and 17 and the clothes for these age groups is pretty disgusting but I do agree it comes Burlingyon to being a parent - alot of the girls Women want sex Burlington Flats see at out schools turn up wearing the most ridiculously inappropriate outfits that wouldn't see the light of day in my house and yet it is the mother that is usually dropping them off so is quite Wpmen of what is being worn.

Jeans so low the girls almost have to shave their front bottom: Can we sexual harrassment? I know as women we have the right to wear what we like but jeez louise, let's save it for outside school or for when we are a little older. I have my daughter wear her big brothers old jeans because little girl jeans are cut so lowrise and tight that Huge cock Chicago can't climb on a Women want sex Burlington Flats gym in them.

Even jeans for girls are skanky. Really, what 6 year old has the body type needed to pull off low-rise jeans?

I got so sick of seeing my daughter's crack every time she'd bend over Women want sex Burlington Flats those damn things that I started buying sweatpants Another wnt peeve of mine-my daughter is now 12 but the poor kid has had to wear a bra Cute girl wanting fucked the last 2 years. Tell me, what 10 year old needs a damn underwire? It's a world gone mad and I'm glad you have the guts to point it all out!

Women want sex Burlington Flats Ready Cock

Alibug, I just read your comment about Halloween and totally agree, girl costumes of all ages seem to be just a total slutfest these days, pretty gross. I have a 5yo in size 7 or 8.

Women want sex Burlington Flats Shopping for kindergarten was a nightmare. Kohls had the madonna wear for girls. Macys wasn't any better. We lucked out and hit an awesome sale at the Osh Kosh outlet.

But it will be the last year for that unless they go up in size. My daughter would wear Cruel girl and Wranglers-except I am not spending more on her Cute boy for chubby girl than mine when she's not in them for a year!

I do get great deals on clearance racks, at thrift stores, and on ebay.

And what's with nothing but bikinis for little girls?? Let's just beg the predators to attack! Sorry, my daughter is a little girl-if I won't let my 21yp dress like that, why would I let my 5yo??? This has Burlinggon an issue for a lot of us for a long time. I shop in the Women want sex Burlington Flats department for T's that cover her belly button, and are actually made of cotton you can't see through.

This year I had to get jeans there Women want sex Burlington Flats because all of the girl's jeans were low rise.