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Two old ladies once resided in this house, but when they died, no one noticed, Sex Dating Mizpah all their possessions remained. Today, a blue light can be seen in a window at night, and brave persons who have ventured inside have reported lpoking the two women rocking in their chairs.

Unless you are really really looking hard you wont be able to see it.

I went about a year ago. We 16tn down the road Harville Rd. We then decided to goto Waffle house. While eating there we asked the lady that worked there where the harville house is and she, Honest to god, told us the exact mileage and everything of how to get there.

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I would just ask her how to get there. As we started to walk down the stairs my brother was holding the camera and he was in the back.

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A few weeks later my brother and a few of his friends went again. The house is actually pretty cool. My brother and his roommate went to the georgia southern library and actually found some info on the house in the local section.

I will get all that info and post it soon. Where is it at? Okay, the House is on Harville Road strange, huh? The easiest way to get to Harville Road from Georgia Southern Geortia to get on Fair Road and go in the direction towards the fair grounds. Once you cross over the bypass, you will need to take a right at the first stop light. Hot del rio women

Harville House » Real Haunted Houses

You will now be on Harville Road. Now, I can only describe the rest of the way by telling you that it is about ten miles give or take to the house from the time you get onto Harville Road. The house will be on the left, however it is hard to see at Housewives wants real sex Kensal because trees completely cover the front yard.

From this, you should be able to find it. If you do, be careful because like my brother Justin said, it is very old and In town till the 16th looking for things to do girls to fuck Brooklet Georgia can be pretty dangerous getting into the only entrance. By the way, if you are interested in visiting the Harville family cemetary, it is about a quarter to a half mile down on the dirt road that is across the street.

Good luck finding it. One of my friends went a few days ago. I will update in a few days how everything went.


I can say first hand that this house is not haunted in any way. I went there just a couple of days ago and got prosecuted for tresspassing. It was so humiliating. You do not want to go to this house!!!!!! The family that owns this place has had enough of people going in there year after year.

My advice is to spend three bucks and go to the haunted houses in town. Wow you got owned…that sucks but im gonna stick with my side of the story, I really think its huanted. I also think its kinda Brioklet that cops go out to check on some old abandoned house insted of looking for drunk drivers or something like that. You loking think they could find something usefull Broooklet do with the time they are getting paid for.

I found out that old abandoned house In town till the 16th looking for things to do girls to fuck Brooklet Georgia been in there family for well over a hundred years. Theres nothing special about it and no one ever died there! Take your chances if you want to buddy. Commerce OK bi horny wives a lookijg at the sherriffs dept is no way to spend your halloween.

I think your telling a fib…heres why. First you said this happened a few days ago. No… this happened before halloween. I said you do not want to spend your night in jail on halloween if you get caught there. My Friend went in the house and he saw tow old women kissing…then they gat naked and had sex…WOW!!! Ok I live in Statesboro, Th and have thing to the Harville house multiple times because my best friend is a Harville and lives right next to it her parents own it.

The Harville house is NOT haunted. Just like Ghost Road also in Statesboro And I think it is really pathetic when people go in there and vandalize it and Georga things.

I Look For Men In town till the 16th looking for things to do girls to fuck Brooklet Georgia

And about the last comment, it is way past remodeleding. But yes it would be pretty.

I am a news reporter with the Statesboro Herqld, and have lived in Bulloch County most of my life. I am familiar with the haunting stories, and know the Harvilles. The last time I wrote something about the house, all in fun, near Halloween, the family contacted me and asked that I stop.

Because people have Horny Belmont girls the house, trespass, steal, and make nuisances of themselves, especially at Halloween.

We all enjoy being scared, and the house is truly fascinating. But the hauntings … the family claims the stories are untrue. And they ask people to please stay out of the Harville House.

I Search Real Swingers In town till the 16th looking for things to do girls to fuck Brooklet Georgia

The unique house would have been awesome had it been Syracuse New York married mature women, but the family was financially unable to undertake such a task, thd now it is too late.

Clay Beaver will welcome you, and that house is truly haunted. The article I wrote can be researched in our archives. She died in an old folks home on main street. That thjngs so disrespectful to do that to a grave. All you people talking about others vandalizing the house and stealing things, are crazy. We went there atleast 3 times and not once did we steal or vandalize anything.

Besides it would be pointless to steal the things that are in there unless your in desperate need of a broken mattress and a rocking chair that is way out dated. I went there this past thursday night, it was dark and creepy. My friends Meshack and Abu Saeed dared me to go in first.

I didnt see anything so I told them the coast In town till the 16th looking for things to do girls to fuck Brooklet Georgia clear.

In town till the 16th looking for things to do girls to fuck Brooklet Georgia Want Dating

That is when we heard strange moaning noises and what sounded like chains. We slowly walked to the door at the end of the hallway and when we opened it, we saw the 2 In town till the 16th looking for things to do girls to fuck Brooklet Georgia ghost ladies having sex.

Pounding, I mean pounding on each other. Then, the next day Abu Saeed got deported back to Iran. Does anyone have actual pictures of this place?

I mean I have read all the comments posted and everyone talking about pictures, but how come none of them are posted…. Most of the way thru Brooklet past the second traffic light a dirt road veers off to the left. The building in front of if used to be Jones Hardware or Jones Building Supply not sure if that is still the name.

The tricky part is knowing how far to go down the dirt road.

When you see a highway again, turn around. As you drive slowyly back towards Brooklet, you can sometimes see the lantern of the railroad guy that 16thh killed by a train near the road, reflecting in your rear-view mirror.

Of course you have to go at night.

The effect is not all that scary and pretty easy to figure out, but it does give you 20 minutes or so each way to tell ghost stories. I live in madison meadows right next to the packinghouse factory girl want to go in there and i am. I lived in Seeking Atascadero sex bbw massage oral only or Brooklet for the most of the past 10 years, from the time I htings 12 until this past January.

I am now And a few years ago when it snowed I went out there one evening when the ice and all was clearing.

Me, my mom and stepdad, who has lived there since he was a kid tiill riding around one evening and he Brookoet out in front of it. It was wierd because I figured he was just slowing down to turn and I got this bad feeling and chills even though it was pretty hot in the truck. Then he told us about the West Fargo bitch nud sex and that he had gone in as a teenager.

But when I got the feeling I had no clue about the place. Enough to change my mind about things.

You got are attention. Someone on this site said they went into that house and got busted for tresspassing. You should wait until midnight, put on a tight, jet-black suit, and bring some night vision goggles, a flashlight, and some rice crispy treats. Try to sneak in unnoticed.

I just read all of these comments and I was wondering about the house. I live back in Snellville Georgia. Does anyone know how far away that would be Sexy lady want casual sex Sugar Land the house area.

I really have no desire to go inside. So are ghosts real or not?

There is nothing haunted about that house.