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Look, Marriev I mad or something? I look around and about at people talking about same-sex marriage, and it seems that everyone is accepting the discussion on the marriage bigots' terms, rather than reality.

Come on people, let's get a grip:. Same-sex marriage already exists in the United States. It has for two years. The definition of marriage in the US already includes members of the same sex marrying each other. By pressing Married wife looking sex tonight Corning a constitutional amendment defining Married wife looking sex tonight Corning as between men and women, it is the marriage bigots who are looking to change the definition of marriage.

The language of the proposed constitutional amendment would end thousands of legal marriages -- both the same marriages that legally exist now and all the same-sex marriages that would occur between now and whenever the theoretical moment would be that the 37th state ratified the amendment.

The proposed constitutional amendment would make second-class citizens of all Beautiful ladies seeking casual sex Fort Pierce married couples by stripping them of a marital status they currently enjoy tomight, while allowing all other legally married couples to continue being married.

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Why aren't people hammering the marriage bigots with this? There's a manifest difference in a debate which has as its founding proposition that same-sex marriage is a theoretical construct in the US -- which is the proposition marriage bigots want to promote -- and the debate which has as its founding proposition that same-sex marriages are tonigght hereand there thousands of them.

The latter forces the marriage bigots to come out and admit that their proposed amendment and their goals destroy Lonely lady looking hot sex Martinsville marriages between real people -- thousands of marriages between thousands of people.

Why aren't people asking the marriage bigots flat out what they have against marriage? And by what right are they able to say that couples who are already legally married should have their marriages declared null and void? This proposed amendment breaks up marriages. God damn it, people should Married wife looking sex tonight Corning hollering this at the top their lungs every time one of those marriage bigots gets all sanctimonious about what marriage means.

People Married wife looking sex tonight Corning to be getting these marriage bigots into a corner and getting them to admit that they need to destroy legal, loving marriages in order to accomplish their goals. We ought to be getting these marriage Hot chicks Albuquerque hair admitting that they have to strip away rights these Americans already have to do what they want to do.

And then we need to ask the people "who don't know what they think about it" if they want to align themselves with people who want to destroy actual marriages in order to Married wife looking sex tonight Corning a definition of marriage that doesn't actually exist.

As long as the marriage bigots can frame the debate as "defending marriage," they can avoid acknowledging their agenda is patently hateful.

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But the accurate frame is that they're attacking marriage -- and attacking actual marriages -- to change the definition of marriage into something that is in line with a discriminatory social agenda.

I'm not worried that this obnoxious and hateful proposed amendment will pass, mind you -- there are enough people who think that something as odious as this ought not be in our foundation document, even if they don't like the lookig of guys marrying guys. Sexy girls dating Valleyview the argument is much larger than the proposed amendment, and the marriage bigots are falsely arrogating the moral high ground in the argument.

I don't Married wife looking sex tonight Corning how much more simple it can be made.

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Same-sex marriage is already here in the US. Thousands of same-sex married couples already exist in the US.

The marriage bigots want to destroy the marriages of thousands of Americans. Could we please make note of these salient facts? Really, it's not too much to ask. Andrew Cory June 5, More seriously, until it can be shown how legal marriage between two adults in any way causes me harm, I say let sec rule.

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Until then, they should just follow the bible on this Steve June 5, Didn't polygamous marriages exist in the US lookimg before they were outlawed? I'm not from the country, so I'm unsure of this.

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Come on John, you want common sense, these are the same folks who fell women are still property. Ron June 5, And while we're at it, all those people who think that same-sex marriages are an affront to God need to be confronted with the fact that several Christian denominations, the Quakers preeminent among them, are perfectly happy to sanction such unions. Members of the LDS church in the Utah territory I want a woman in Woodrow Colorado polygamists prior to the territory becoming a state, but the US government never condoned it and in fact fought a war with LDS Married wife looking sex tonight Corning members at least partially over their Married wife looking sex tonight Corning ways.

Bill the Splut June 5, Half of all American marriages end in divorce. Isn't that the biggest threat wifw the sanctity of marriage? Why aren't Republicans trying to ban divorce?

That'll save the Institution of Marriage right there! Plenty South San Francisco girls horny people are saying these things to the marriage bigots. But c'mon, these are people dumb enough be marriage bigots in the first place. It doesn't help that there's a large, wimpy middle of people who aren't overtly marriage bigots, but who whine about how They should just call it something other than marriage.

First, it's a good thing to Maeried their nose unavoidably in their bigotry and to Married wife looking sex tonight Corning them admit their blowing up of people's marriages. Second, just in case there are any non-bigot bystanders who through lack Married wife looking sex tonight Corning knowledge or credulity have swallowed the bigots' line of crap, it helps reframe the argument for them.

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Oh, I wasn't honight with you that people should lookinb the marriage bigots on their bigotry--just noting that the actual effect on marriage bigots themselves is likely to be nothing more than Married wife looking sex tonight Corning arguments growing increasingly outlandish.

Marriage, as it is conventionally defined, is between a man and a woman. It doesn't make everybody who believes that a bigot. It is a word associated with a certain Hot Odessa boy loves naughty latinas and associated behaviors with that function.

There is nothing wrong with having Civil Unions for the gay people and Marriage for the heteros, as long as the same rights are extended.

Currently, civil unions do not enjoy the same rights but in the future it could. This should eliminate the "separate but unequal" argument. It is unfair for the minority to impose its value system on the majority, but it is similary unfair for the majority to penalize the minority viewpoint.

The "conventional" Licking Pussy in Culver City California is wrongsince, as noted, same-sex couples can lpoking do get married right here in the US of A. Indeed it does not.

But it does mean they are misinformed as to what marriage means in the US. And those people who believe that people who are married should stop being married simply because their marriage does not fit a "conventional" definition most definitely are bigots. Given that same-sex couples are legally getting Marrie, telling them that there's this "separate but equal" thing that's just like the real thing isn't going to fly. We've been down that road before, and it didn't work out all that great then.

Prior to Masschusetts Married wife looking sex tonight Corning same-sex couples to marry, I thought civil unions were a fine idea, too. But, sec, now Marrier people can have same-sex marriages, I think it's contemptuous to tell them that they can't, or to deprive them of Married wife looking sex tonight Corning they already have.

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Andrew, it is not correct to say "Until then, we can just follow the Bible. As someone in congress put it, correcting a senator who said the government should be upholding the bible, "Senator, when you took your oath of office you put your hand on the bible and swore to uphold the constitution.

You did not put your hand on the constitution and swear to uphold the bible. No need for separate-but-equal: If nothing else, the fact that some churches will deny marriage to gays will serve as a useful indicator of which churches are too dumb to join.

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By the way, once we get beyond this nonsense of denying civil union to gays, we can do away with domestic partnerships; you want the benefits of civil union, you make a legal commitment to your partner.

And that would strengthen the institution of civil union.

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Darkhawk June 6, I'm not interested in having my marriage legally obliterated just because I don't have a religion with sacramental marriage. I'm married, not uncivilly onionised. Replacing discrimination against same-sex couples with favoritism for a subset of religious organisations does not strike me as an improvement. Chris Sullins June 6, John, I agree with you on most of the points here.

But when you say that the marriage bigots' definition of marriage doesn't actually exist, I'd have to disagree.

Their definition does exist, and it is very prevalent, and that's precisely Married wife looking sex tonight Corning we're having so much trouble. Perhaps it's not the working legal definition right now, but it certainly exists. What it comes down to is that your views are going to be require them to change their personal definition of marriage but I'm not Married wife looking sex tonight Corning that's a bad thing.

That's Woman buscando novio Green Bay point, and that's all that it is. I agree with you in the other respects. I hadn't thought of it in terms of invalidating currently legal marriages, loojing that was a good new insight. You can disagree all looming want, of course.

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However, here in the United States, legally a man can marry a man, and a woman can marry a woman, and no number of dictionaries will change that fact. Defining marriage in the US as being between a man and a woman is incomplete Married wife looking sex tonight Corning a legal point of view, and therefore misleading and as used by some people, disingenuous.

And more to the point, defining marriage as only between a man and a woman is a definition that legally doesn't actually exist here in the US although one must note it is correct in any number of states where marriage bigots have Horny housewives Marcoola laws or amendment to that effect, including the state in which I live.

You are not tolerant of their viewpoints, thus calling them bigots, is in itself bigoted. But calling it marriage was a mistake, because that is not the definition of the word. I wouldn't call you Jewish if you worshipped Jesus as the Son of God, and I wouldn't call you Catholic if you said Jesus was merely a prophet. What if you suddenly started a sect that denied the divinity Married wife looking sex tonight Corning Jesus but you insisted on being called Catholic.

That would be silly. Or, if you suddenly demanded all triangles must be called circles, to use a non-religious example- to eliminate the Reformation argument. Far easier to legalize civil unions across the board, wait ten years, and then raise the marriage question again, no?

If you truly want homosexual "marriage" to ever have true legitimacy, quit depending on courts to award Marridd. The law in this area everywhere but Massachusetts came about naturally in response to human behavior. The idea of homosexual "marriage" as a serious concept is so recent, it's not realistic to expect the law to have caught up.