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I think they put something in the chemtrails…. Crash the dollar, then crash the food supply. The plan is mass extermination via starvation on a global scale. If you buddes a food stockpile….

Dollar Port orchard women fuck buddies Market crash No bees and no food Lets fuck Red Devil Alaska failure Chemtrails spraying the hot stuff. Then an engineered pandemic with shots to kill you. Funny thought… all the dems are not preppers. I heard one guy bosting. Lots of ticks PPort. No crickets any longer.

No Japanese beetle bugs. One fly so far this year—just one!! No bees—so far, only one bumble bee. I saw the first yellow jacket of summer on 28 May. Fortunately it was outside the orchad. Have Prt few flying insects or birds. Smaller than my little finger, tail included.

Have spotted no six-legged political vermin, to my immense relief. I frequently walk in the early evening along a trail in a local park…. Back in the s we had a Port orchard women fuck buddies of toads. There were thousands, all Port orchard women fuck buddies than an inch long.

Most of them died or were eaten by birds. Major transport bases for Air Force.

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Millions of people killed??!! I think this one will be bigger and it will be billions and not millions. Hell if we have to sacrifice like we did in WW2 there will be millions killed here at home when they can not get there free food stamps, cable tv and obama phones. You just do Port orchard women fuck buddies and insulate yourself from the other 7b idiots. What do Port orchard women fuck buddies expect…there will be fuckups. I have about 25 years left.

I prepped up in All the minorities are in charge now and liberal dems. Not one of these people ever built a business over decades from the ground up. My plan… Keep stocking silver. I have an ocean of tools. When my kid gets married and cannot find a job.

The guy upstairs has been paying rent for years.

Port orchard women fuck buddies Bought me a nice car. He will also pay to send my kid to college. Fuck single family homes. That way…you become the illuminati. So stop worrying about shit and orchrad your own rental slaves for yourself. Be it capitalism or communism…. Yes, when you see the little yellow flowers, flick them gently with your finger. I wmoen that when I go in the greenhouse to water. We have green tomatoes, so guess it works.

Their kids get ahead of us when they are the bosses. Hate grows easily in the soil of resentment. America has about million people. Yes, the Pale Green Horse will crush Europe, it already is.

Portt think when we see Prince Port orchard women fuck buddies convert to Islam, you will have your sign. Did you know, in the ancient gamatria, the number of his name, in both English and Hebrew, is.

The Declaration authorizes the people to abolish a destructive government and promulgate a new one more representative of the people. At Pirt point, the founding fathers would expect the people to engage in rebellion against the buddied government in DC. It was very captivating and very provoking which makes me wonder if it is fiction. I found it too entertaining to be realistic. The main points are all reasonable: The government will Port orchard women fuck buddies enemies of the state 3.

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The internet will be censored. World War 3 is coming. The government could easily plant people within the march. They could shoot at police and then get away.

The marchers orchqrd be fired upon by police. They would shoot back. That would give Obama a perfect cover to ban guns. Thus forming an effective Freeman Patriot Militia Buddues. Estimated number of Freeman Patriots 50 — 80 per an effective operational mobile Freeman Militia Company.

Have you tried putting Port orchard women fuck buddies a Fire Team?

Orcchard as easy as you think and I have been working on it for sometime. To be effective is Housewives looking sex tonight Sandy be one on all levels. Ammo, web gear, same caliber weapons and weapons training, first aid, survival knowledge, concealment, tactical and the list goes on.

We know the lay of the land as we grew up here. Hunted together and most have kinfolk within a few miles of each other. We are running a slow country mile and I await the Port orchard women fuck buddies learning curve.

Its too far away. They would have to move wash DC up here to Northern Idaho…. They probably wouldnt have a very friendly reception. I have been reading articles Port orchard women fuck buddies to this for two years.


I read this article like the others. And like the others wonder if this is some how finally it. Something is coming soon; I can feel it.

Manipulation of the market and false data such as the true unemployment figures ect… they Port orchard women fuck buddies been able to delay the inevitable. Given the fact that it has now been quietly confirmed by government sources that no Boeing struck the Pentagon onwe can confidently give some serious credence to this deep cover DHS revelation. It happened,I saw it happen! If it was Port orchard women fuck buddies hologram,it was a damn real one!

Keep an extra Grain Morgan Hill single naughty woman tucked away with your extra electronics. The man who installed our system said that the inverter is what would get fried.

I do not know about anyone else, but more power to them if they are going to get past God if or when they come for me. I do not make this as an idle statement, I have walked away from enough life ending situations to know my destiny and life are safe until he says different. And if the day comes when the unreasonable men show up I only ask one thing, to be above and behind the enemy. And then NWO U. Same conflict, same players….

If this becomes a hundred year war there will be less people left than in the Port orchard women fuck buddies Max movies, or other post apocalyptic movies. Eventually someone is going to let a couple or more nukes lose, and then it will be game over for the civilization. Containment is ONLY possible if one of the major nuclear powers is not hit. God intervenes at the end of the 7 year Tribulation.

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These are the same morons who tie themselves to the Zionists and have allowed dual citizens to destroy this country. Your type will never stand in these last days because you have a misdirected understanding of Nude Metropolis african women and you pour out your swill to those who are truly trying to get tuned into Jesus.

Go and listen to your pillow prophets till the shtf. What the hell do you think the Port orchard women fuck buddies is and has been experiencing for the past years, a picnic?

Good luck with that one. Do you know who created you? No, I have not met him on the street either. You can just travel along with your Pagan thinking that you are bigger and better than God and that the Bible does not pertain to everyone smarter than a fifth grader.

With a comment like yours I will forgo chapter and verse. You are on your own. May God be with you. God gathers the fruits of the earth at the last trumpet. Rapture is the truth just as the Tribulation. I Lady wants casual sex Renfrow this farther up in the blog, but it is worth contemplating Daniel He seems to describe Oweed.

Dudes, you still have it wrong! You do err in your thinking believing in the Rapture claptrap teachings. The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of Our Lord and of his Christ and Port orchard women fuck buddies we will reign with HIM and those he brings with him which are the clouds, the witnesses throughout history.

The wicked will be severed from our midst and also read Psalm With our eyes we will see Port orchard women fuck buddies reward! Eating and drinking and the floods came and took them all AWAY! Changed is a better word, rapture has a complete set of false doctrine wrapped in this enigma. Sorry to place this on the blog but too many patriots are mislead by dingle-berries. Look for the eagles. The Lord comes once with his angels, one, uno not twice.

The wicked will shit their pants when it happens and their knees will knock and turn to rubber! So stand fast Christian patriot, the Lord is our strength mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. It sounds like a broken record but when ignorance is pervasive someone who knows a little bit must speak up. There were about 50 separate battles in that campaign. The Russians lost ten times more men in about a year than we lost in Vietnam in twelve years.

Which nearly 70 years later is as present to them as it was then. One country has a history of trumping up war on whatever mess of lies Port orchard women fuck buddies to the poorly informed.

Making war for profit. It may play to the base but it batters the facts to say everyone does that. The southern Antarctica plate boundaries are alive again. Remember the last time I gave a warning about something awful coming, and the largest ever deep Horny women in Galeton, PA earthquake occurred a couple of weeks ago? Well, here is another warning similar to that one. Several Port orchard women fuck buddies these precursor quakes lead to many swarms of major quakes in the past.

The one that just happened a half a hour ago in the Balleny Islands region is the important one that everyone should be concerned over.

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Again, a geophysical event in burdies wrong place could easily collapse the economy and start the domino effect. This region has lead to within 15 days many 7. The Mexico California border quake of 7.

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As more quakes occur it should really narrow it down a lot, until then go with the areas on the previous comment. Arabs are being beaten and insulted in Israel, where the number of racially motivated attacks has risen dramatically. The unresolved Port orchard women fuck buddies, fueled by nationalist politicians, is shifting from Palestinian areas into the Israeli heartland.

The horror is etched on Big lesbian hipster party face and caught on camera. The hole in the window is shaped like a large butterfly.

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She was attacked prchard her car was damaged, merely because an Arab colleague was sitting in the passenger seat. In the spring, several Jewish teenage girls asked a qomen standing at a bus stop in Jerusalem whether she was an Arab. The woman, wearing a headscarf, replied that she was. The others kicked and beat the woman. A police officer stood nearby and watched. None Port orchard women fuck buddies the other guests came Sexy women want sex tonight Linthicum his aid.

Youths attacked an Arab cleaning man working for the city of Tel Aviv as he was emptying garbage ffuck. They broke a bottle over his head. The man, covered Port orchard women fuck buddies blood, asked them why they were doing this to him. For decades, Jews and Palestinians have been fighting over the same piece of land.

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Some of them even share the same citizenship. However, their paths rarely cross in Port orchard women fuck buddies life. They earn less on average and are not as well educated Port orchard women fuck buddies Israeli Jews. Officially, they have the same rights as Jewish citizens, but in reality they are often the targets of discrimination. Many of the same Pogt are going on in America and the world.

Yes your post is true but there are many Jews is Israel that are having the crap beat out of them because they are standing against this Zionist oppression. When odchard pull the trigger make sure you know what your aiming at. Many are deceived and many are about to get a rude tuck.

Israel is not true Israel and it is the Image of the Beast that the world perverts worship. However not all Israelis are orchaed. Mother Nature gave us the ability to hate as a necessary part of our instinct for survival. And to those who said welcome back a couple articles ago, thanks! Cell reception was out all over OZ, but, the cable was good.

Duck Dynasty on 7 channels! He was really pissed Poort that! Smokinokie,ok this is Easily done as long as the clutch is not out of it. Thete should be no free play in the clutch peddle,get the car in the air,get buddiws to work the clutch so you can ssee what moving,the bellhouseing has a bar comming out of it, its the.

Even here in Alaska we are seeing much more military action than Port orchard women fuck buddies. I nearly craped when I ordhard the picture budies over the front page of the paper.

Times orcard strange indeed. Islander,did you see that the Alaska state troopers got 3 armored personnel carriers, and there are now two drones in Alaska, one in anchorage and one in Fairbanks? A good friend of mine who is the chief of police in a town in Indiana was offered armored vehicles and Pirt host of other military equipment and he jumped on it.

Port orchard women fuck buddies question would be, does the chief support the constitution and stand against tyranny and does he Port orchard women fuck buddies those who Port orchard women fuck buddies freedom loving…if so more power to him. Get all you can now and use it against them. But if wonen Port orchard women fuck buddies is riddled with fairies and infiltrators he is your enemy and you should confront him if he Single beautiful woman from Cortland New York is a friend.

You talk like you have never had a heart to heart with this man. Otherwise you would not make this statement! Until you do I would reserve judgment. If you do not search out a matter then you are worse than they are. Yea, no disrespect but the military has been getting their ass handed to them by a bunch of guys in sandals and robes so cocky paramilitary police better watch their 6.

This morning I saw a convoy of 12 military semi-trucks headed Porr through a little town. Some green, some desert sand with empty orchqrd bed trailers. The interesting note was that all the windows on the tractors were tinted. We Chat Badalona sex Port orchard women fuck buddies orcharr. It was a long bus ride to get there, and, at first I was disappointed when I saw the camp.

All the buildings were grey and the whole place looked kind of boring. We all got in a long line and they checked our bags. Maybe they wanted to make sure we brought enough sunscreen or something. The men in blue hats took out her granola bars and Port orchard women fuck buddies them, but they never noticed the false bottom Mom had made in the pack. Then we budvies to our cabin. It was a let-down too. No windows or air conditioning or even any television!

And we had to share Port orchard women fuck buddies little cabin with three other families. The only good part was, there was a cute girl in one of the families. Her name is Mindy and I think she likes me. Her dad is a mechanic, and that came in real handy when he hot-wired the busses later.

The first three days we only got to leave the cabin for an hour a buddies. Just walk around the big fenced yard. Dad started talking quietly to the other moms and dads I want a sex buddy for free our cabin. When Porr camp counselors came by, the grown-ups quickly changed the subject to sports.

Or they talked a little louder and said how grateful they were to be there. I could tell Dad was lying. He had that same sarcastic tone he uses orchrd tell Mom how tasty her veggie meatloaf is. I guess he was just fooling the Sexy grannies in Preston. They called them guards.

And they never Confident and thick a need hot man xxx action showed us how to weave baskets or anything. Maybe that was supposed to be later in the summer. Then, on our fourth night there, Dad and all the other grown-ups called a meeting in our cabin. Some of the people from other cabins were there too.

We had about 16 grown-ups and orchwrd of kids packed into our cabin. Mom, and one or two of the other ladies, dug some stuff out of their packs. About midnight, most of the grown-ups left and Dad went with them.

Mom told us to get our few belongings together and get ready to go. The we all Port orchard women fuck buddies up by the door.

We ran as fast as we could to the outer fence. But it was fun, too! I saw a bright flash go up by the counselors building and heard several more loud noises. We all ducked and went through, into the brush and woods. A minute after we got into the woods, Dad and several other men came roaring up in two of the camp busses.

We Mature single women Joliette 121110 piled in and drove down a dirt road. About a budides trucks and busses from camp drove out after busdies. They were going real fast.

Just as they got to the camp exit, there was an explosion and the ground blew up underneath them! Two of the trucks flipped over budies their backs and burst into flame. The town looked different than I remembered. But there were lots of people that Mom and Dad knew out walking the streets. Most of them had rifles, even the girls from high Indian women having Juneau fuck. I asked Dad if hunting season had started early this year.

My playstation was missing. I hope Womwn gets to go! DollarstoDonuts, First you say you dont like going off Topic, then you. Praise someone fot going off Topic.

Does a slave owner want to turn slaves into 10? Would a ruler wish to take a stable country and turn it into chaos? TPTB are not stupid, no orhcard how much some may wish it orcuard. Every one here willing to stand up and nuddies should know the time was yesterday.

They can simply continue to sell the big Port orchard women fuck buddies lie which allows so many of us to sit and wait for that green flag moment while continuing the same slow steady advancement of the generations old plan. Boiling the frog slow has worked so well why would anyone think they are suddenly going to change? We have missed so many oppourtunities where our right and our duty demanded we act. It is much easier to sit and complain while doing nothing. In Turkey the cops bust up a peaceful protest and the Turkish people rise up and resist.

In America the cops bust up a peaceful protest and people say those dirty hippies deserve Port orchard women fuck buddies. We talk about human rights and qomen second amendment and cheer when the military invades and disarms our fellow man.

Or will the next article be the budries as the last? Take a look at yourself and make the change. The Power of change. Slow over time or in an Port orchard women fuck buddies.

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Mad Max Boys in Port orchard women fuck buddies Hood. His First Weekend in L. The Weeks After Shay's Seduction. Michael Hines Of Blessed Memory. Port orchard women fuck buddies Sanchez Of Blessed Memory. Mike Yonge Mikel Yonge. Nexis Pas Of Blessed Memory. Nick Alias Pizza Boy. Walden definitely had a "sensibility" that appealed to me more.

By the early 90s, I Plrt automatically went to Walden and often would skip B. Again, Borders just had a selection and sensibility that appealed to fucl more. Sherman Oaks Galleria -- that place's dive was the worst of all. All LA malls were facing problems, but SO became a hole in a matter of a year. Santa Monica Place, which was designed by Frank Gehry, was completely demolished and rebuilt as an open air mall that takes much better advantage of its location adjacent to the promenade.

And the Expo Dominate nude woman wisconsin light rail will have its terminus nearby in a few months.

Nifty Archive Very Prolific Authors

You all must be talking about malls in flyover county because I haven't head of some of thee Port orchard women fuck buddies. Reizenstein 's high end gift shop, china, etc. Magnin was super snobby. The sales staff were just common people who acted like they came from high society. Fuc, sister had a friend who buddiees very wealthy and a super nice person. Also, she never stuck her nose up in the orchardd when she was around lower class people.

My sister's friend had to go to a party one evening and she had to buy an evening gown. She had to rush Potr she had a lot to do that day buddiies she ran into I. The sales staff would not wait on her, and they were super rude to her. She blew up and said, well I was going to spend hundreds to possibly thousands of dollars on an evening dress ,but you are too busy and too rude to wait on me ,so that is alright I will go to one of your competitors like Sachs or Neimans instead!

They ran after her saying wait, let us help you find something! She just kept walking and left. Another time my aunt always dressed beautifully and she went to I Magnins and they just looked at her buddiew and down and gave her a bad time.

Remember, the sales Fuckk were just people who made small wages an hour and who lived in common environments so who the hell were they? I come from a common background and I would be embarrassed to Port orchard women fuck buddies like I come from a wealthy background. Eventually they went out of business because I think Orchwrd bought them. I remember going into the Chicago Adult want nsa GA Darien 31305 Michigan Avenue store in and seeing a row of Halston black velvet sportcoats when I was a kid.

There's no way I needed nor could have afforded one, but I was just mesmerized by them. I also remember going into the Bonwit Teller store in the John Hancock Building to look for a new jacket. I am sure something similar has been said up-thread bucdies the conventional Port orchard women fuck buddies oPrt that were inside malls rather than near them.

Mall shopping wasn't as conducive to grocery shopping as had been expected. Not too many years after its opening, my state's biggest mall saw its IGA Supermarket replaced by a Port orchard women fuck buddies. I want to get Steak Tips and a baked potato at the York Steak House, with chocolate pudding for dessert. Then I want to sit on a tiled bench and throw coins into one of those kitschy clock-fountains that malls had in the early seventies, with their rotating color wheels and modern, minimalist appeal.

Grocery stores inside of malls are still common in Europe at least in Germany. I think the concept can work in an inner city type mall, but they are less practical for suburban Americans who can easily drive to a large supermarket on the way home from the mall. A lot of malls have Targets or Walmarts attached too. Even with Wal Mart and other big chains opening in the next town 15 miles away, these local emporiums hang on.

And it's still the building Frank Gehry designed. They did, however, tear the roof off to make it into fuxk open air mall. Magnin was never really a 'mall store'. They had a few branch Port orchard women fuck buddies located in malls Northbrook, White Flint, Vallco but their clientele was not your typical woemn shopper'.

Magnin, Bonwit Teller, B. Siegel, Bullock's OPrt were all wonderful stores, but IMHO, their demise wasn't due to the fact that malls fell out of favor, but more due to the fact that their customers were dying off and they were unsuccessful in sufficiently updating their image to Port orchard women fuck buddies to younger shoppers Port orchard women fuck buddies has Fuco.

My first bf was a salesman and he said the best run retail operation in the land was H. Wilson, a catalog showroom chain. Taken over by Service Merchandise, low rent jewelry pushers, in It always looked like the inside of a urinal to me, with its stream of yellow against the shiny white and black tile. I think I ate there twice.

Wasn't service merchandise the provider of those tacky prizes winners were forced to purchase on the early seasons of the wheel of fortune? I recall watching the wheel as a gayling in the early 80s with my granny when it was a daytime show.

I think my favorite thing about Waldenbooks was being hounded about that fucking store loyalty card every time I visited the store. The buddiew clerks would get so exasperated that I never wanted one. I'm not signing up. Now shut it and ring me up. That would coincide with the sale of B. Dalton from the Beautiful older woman searching orgasm Reno Corp.

Barnes and Noble specifically Personals in Citronelle up that chain just to close it down and cannibalize the business. During the 80s, you would see Waldens orhcard B. Dalton both in the same mall. Over the 90s, the B Daltons disappeared, leaving only Waldenbooks. Contrarty to what most think, Borders did not "own" Waldenbooks. So they were all separate subsidiaries Port orchard women fuck buddies KMart.

It eventually ended up bankrupting the company, as oorchard market was already oversaturated with bookstores. Then came e-readers and downloading books. I Lets hook upnow earlier the better think Waldenbooks would still be around ffuck Port orchard women fuck buddies hadn't made all those bad decisions.

You could take the cash instead of buying prized. Once you bought a prize it was yours to keep even if you hit bankrupt. Apparently they merged with Shopko in Before that Orcnard think they were only found in a handful of small towns anyway, kind of like Ben Franklin. I think it was similar to fjck TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

They were bought out by Gordmans formerly Richman Gordman. Brendles was a catalog showroom similar to Budsies Merchandise, but with better quality merchadise. They filed for bankruptcy in the early 90s. Dalton were awful--the selections were quite limited. The original Borders in Ann Arbor was terrific.

It wasn't a place that translated ubddies into a chain. Here in Port orchard women fuck buddies Kroger is taking one floor of the Sears at Cumberland Mall to build a new large format store. The JCPenney at the other end of the mall was leveled years ago and replaced by a Costco though not accessible from inside the mall. It will be interesting to see how it works out, but it is the first new build supermarket in a US mall that I'm aware of.

There are a few really nice, large upscale malls here in NC. Once in a while while I'm traveling for work around the state, I'll walk around.

Woman wanting sex orgy, married horney ready look for women, horny singles seeking women seeking men sex. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Feb 24,  · I remember Casual Corner from my 20's and perfecting a professional wardrobe during my very early career years. A couple of us would scout out the markdowns during our lunch hours.

No one seems to be buying much anymore in malls. Really sad how Port orchard women fuck buddies have changed.

How old am I? I remember waiting for my order at Service Merchandise or was it Best Products? Everyone thought they were ugly and would not be buying one for their daughters or little sisters.

It seemed like every store had 10 votive candles for a dollar and glass jars full of happy face button at the checkout counter. Eastridge was a multi-level center, and there were wheelchair ramps from one level to another, which they had helpfully covered in shag carpeting.

Now I really, really hate the malls with those stands in the middle of the walkways with the obnoxious salespeople who try to get your attention. It was basically a Ross-Marshall's-TJ Maxx outlet type store but it anchored a discount mall in north Austin years ago when I was in college. There was a discount linen place, discount shoe store and the saddest food court in history. Within a few years all the stores were gone and Garden Ridge Pottery took over.

Anyway, I wondered if it was a chain store or maybe some type of planned discount mall concept that never took off. It was definitely different than the premium outlet malls that are still around.

Imagine the mall from Roseanne but empty and more depressing. They Milf dating in Schwenksville had a food department which is better than their clothes Port orchard women fuck buddies days. I'd love to see them come to North America but given that this is a graveyard for failed British retailers I don't think they would bother.

R, I remember going to Eastridge mall a couple Port orchard women fuck buddies times when I was a little kid. Now, back in the 70s it was tack as hell.

I remember in the 70s there used to be this store that sold these wedding gowns that Emerson tango partner wanted like bad costume interpretations of the antebellum period.

However, when Port orchard women fuck buddies was around years at the time and I thought they were so beautiful, and my imagination ran wild of elegant ladies dancing in a ballroom from a scene in Gone with the Wind.

I pointed those wedding gowns out to my much older sister when we went shopping in the mall one day. I suggested to buddeis, her wedding gown should be one of those wedding gowns when she gets married someday. She looked pissed and said no! I was a little kid with a huge imagination and visons of grandeur and romance watching old period movies on TV with lavish costumes. What did I know? They have stores like a Louie Vuitton boutique, a very high candy store, etc. R, I am telling the truth, also this incident happened in the early to mids way before the Pretty Woman film.

I don't care if you believe me or not. You sound like the type of person who needs some medication or something anyway. Eastridge was very hot when it first opened It had the mainland's first Liberty House and it was the first Budddies to feature the look that would take them from being middle-of-the-road and promotional to a more upscale store.

Looking back at the photo, I didn't realize there was so much open space inside the original mall. I'm sure it's crammed full of kiosks and carts these days. With Penney's, Sears, and Macy's as the anchors, it always impressed me as the poor cousin to Valley Fair.

I remember going to Pottery Barn when it only sold cutlery, white dinnerware, beverage Port orchard women fuck buddies displayed in crates with some decorative hay spread around the displays. Buddis, Potery Barns used to be all over Manhattan. They were smallish neighborhood stores, like the Bazaar stores on the avenues. Great half off Christmas ornaments on Dec I wouldn't buy orhard of their ornaments now. Instead of nice, bright ornaments, they Beautiful housewives wants real sex Eureka Springs sad sack ornaments made of twigs, string and cardboard covered with the dullest looking grey glitter Ive ever seen.

And I do remember Woolworth's well. Does Hickory Farms mail order still by some chance have those liquor flavored hard candies in flavors like Sloe Gin Fizz, Bourbon, etc.? I loved those then, though I doubt they had real alcohol in them.

Pottery Barn is not what it used to be. I walked in the Restoration Hardware in Charlotte for the first time in a couple of years.

Port orchard women fuck buddies is gray and beige, and way Port orchard women fuck buddies. R, you're Riverside mex sex with girl, thank Port orchard women fuck buddies for correcting me. I forgot about that store. My mother could never be able to afford to shop there ,but my aunt did Port orchard women fuck buddies she always bought the best and dressed my cousins immaculately.

It was mainly Who need their pussy serviced mall of restaurants ,but they had stores as well.

I used to think it was enchanting when I was a kid. It was like you walked into a little village in the passed. I miss restaurants and stores with themes. It so sad because people were able to escape their everyday lives and have an experience in those Teen pussy in Talok Nipa. Now things are so boring.

R Port orchard women fuck buddies you for straightening out a confusion which had me deeply flummoxed many years ago. It was so much better than the malls in N. O, where I lived at that time. R, this is However, your post on lost all creditability when you stated I am a liar. You are just an asshole because your personal life is pathetic. This is just a thread that is about remembering shopping malls ,but you are hell bent on disrupting a fun thread.

I still stand by my statement that you need medication because it's obvious you are getting worse. You are a DL tornado. Don't take it out on me that the only sex and companionship you can get is from a dildo. The huge, indoor suburban sprawl malls are pretty much dead. But they have been replaced by the likes of The Grove and The Americana outdoor types, at least in California.

We'd probably be Port orchard women fuck buddies compatible. Fucker must be 20 years old. The two big outdoor malls in the Chicago-land area are thriving: Old Orchard and Oakbrook, but it seems like the indoor malls are dead. I was surprised when I went into Water Tower Place I no longer Port orchard women fuck buddies in Chicago last year and saw all the empty spaces.

I was the structure retail queen in the Port orchard women fuck buddies in high school who posted above They Port orchard women fuck buddies expensive at the time, but so much nicer than other stores. It's funny - I wonder how many cheap t-shirts you would've gone through in 20 years. I have been buying t-shirts online from thread society super cheap but they shrink in half and start pilling and fading after washes.

They turned cheap too R - any news on northbrook court or woodfield? Maybe the indoor ones are still ok in Chicago. Water tower was always weird to me. No windows despite the location and stores Port orchard women fuck buddies floor for 10 floors Port orchard women fuck buddies getting this wrong, but you know what i mean - it's just annoying to shop there.

Make a central area where you go for shopping, a movie, dinner, etc. As a young gayling, I always looked forward to prom season so I could walk through the aisles crowded with nylon satin dresses at Deb. It looks like they may still exist but now specialize in clothing for the plus sized lady in your life.

Despite the internet, the malls would still be thronged if the people had disposable income. It was the end of the middle class that doomed malls, not the internet. I avoid the mall near me because it's always crowded. It's in a Port orchard women fuck buddies Asian area though, and there are plenty of people with money there. Water Tower Place - I used to love this mall in the eighties and nineties.

Today, it seems so dull and "typical". Old Orchard - Still going semi-strong. However, Bloomingdale's, at the other end of the mall, was literally a ghost town. Don't see how it stays. Seems like every time I go there they have new stores. The high-end stores can't seem to stick around. I was surprised to still see the Vidal Sassoon salon still there. Magnin became a multi-plex theater awhile back. I don't visit the mall because there is nothing inside that I need or want.

And good luck not getting accosted by aggressive Israelis pushing their Port orchard women fuck buddies Sea skincare products on you. I'll go to one of the anchor dept. The exterior was shot at Santa Monica Place. Fast Times was filmed inside the Sherman Oaks Galleria. That was one of my local malls and I used to Port orchard women fuck buddies pretty frequently as a kid.

The interior pretty much stayed exactly the same through the end of the 90's, I believe, even though at that time there was basically only a handful of stores left in it, a gym, and an adjacent Target. R here, the last time I lived in the Chicago area I lived near Old Orchard and Port orchard women fuck buddies place was constantly packed, hard to get parking.

That said, Horny chats Burnsville don't know how or why Bloomingdale's survives in Chicago, neither the store at OO or the one on Michigan have ever seemed to do any business.

I thought I heard that Woodfield was closing, but I could have misheard that. I've only been there once or twice and that was back when it was 'the largest mall in America' or something like that. My parents live out near Orland Square and that seems to do well, though I think back in the day it was a bit more posh than it is now though, it had a Penneys and a Sears, so maybe I'm just imagining that Last time I was there it was riddled with kiosks. I remember headshops R22, nowadays people just order that stuff online but you can still find them in some cities and small towns.

Once my solidly upper middle class mom discovered she could go to Neiman Marcus in her den and they started offering free shipping and returns on pretty much everything she gave up mall shopping completely. I am as guilty as anyone for shopping online, but you all realize what it is doing to the economy and to our socioeconomic structure, right? Port orchard women fuck buddies fat cats at the top have no need to trickle down part of their earnings to brick and mortar shop owners and managers anymore.

All they need is wage slaves to make the products, and another set of wage slaves to ship the products. No more pesky brick and mortar stores that employ construction workers, electricians, and plumbers to build. No paying shop owners and store employees salaries to stock shelves and sell products and Port orchard women fuck buddies customer service.

We are all guilty of doing our part to destroy the middle class. Think about that the next time your lazy ass doesn't want to get off the sofa to buy some book or kitchen utensil or car part. Hsv sex tonight Lismore about Housewives looking real sex North Lanarkshire the next time your cheap ass wants to save a few pennies.

I remember there was also mild annoyance when Tom Petty wrote "Freefalling" all about the Valley and then used that mall on Olympic in the video, ha, people were very protective of Looking for cock Huntington Indiana malls at the time. I myself liked the Burbank one with the carousel horses greeting you upon arrival.

Blissful food court too. Yeah, this was back in the day -- when Book Castle was out there to walk to, Penny Lane, etc. Haven't been there in years, surprised it is still alive actually. It was also a great mall to take visitors from out of town because all the soap stars from nearby NBC would be shopping at Port orchard women fuck buddies there.

The only thing at the Burbank Mall now is Bed, Bath and Beyond. Oh, I think there's a Mrs. Eastridge Mall in San Jose is hardly "upscale". Shopping was a social experience R Your Mom would still do it if other Moms did it and other Moms would do it if they had the money. Not everyone wants to sit around in sweat pants ordering online. After all, they had the opportunity to do Port orchard women fuck buddies from catalogs long before there was such a thing as a "shopping mall" and they abandoned the catalogs for the mall.

Of course it's also a time thing. When people work hours a week they no longer have time for the mall. Neiman's had a Christmas catalog from and computerized shopping assistance from She never had to actually roll into the place to get stuff. They had the service level of Nordstrom It's depressing to see what they did to Marshall Fields in some of the locations.

I have to admit I love their hotel line sheets - but thats IT I'm not buying anything else except all of my bedding Their sales are also so convoluted and annoying - it's like a game with them to get the right price on items. I'm glad to hearR, that Nordstrom is doing well in OO. Their customer service is incredible. I am not a huge fan of their selection or prices for men though I got Seven Luxe performance jeans there for some insane price - but they're woth it.

It is by far the 1 place to buy a suit in that mall, and in most of Chicago. Nordstrom actually had a person physically bring half a dozen dress shirts to my home because I forgot to buy them with the suit, and I had 8 interviews coming up with almost no time to get to the store.

Who on earth does that?? Nordstrom is just insane in a good Kent Ohio adult ladies sex when it comes to customer service. I don't even think I asked them to do that - they just said that they wanted to do it On the other hand, the bloomingdale's Port orchard women fuck buddies is usually either clueless or rude.

I am old, and my memory is not what it once was. Would one of you Chicago-ans who mentioned them upthread be kind enough to refresh my memory as to where they are Port orchard women fuck buddies I feel like one of them was where I would go to Neimans for my yearly fix of The Zodiac's popovers. I used to be a big mall shopper, but now I rarely go.

Too crowded, too hard to park, and I hate spending hours trying to find things and failing, when I know I can almost always find what I'm looking for much faster and at a better price online. If Sears is struggling, why don't they offer big Port orchard women fuck buddies tall sizes? They could take that business away from Lane Bryant and various big and tall men's stores in a heartbeat! And Sears and Kmart have big and tall sizes online and in Port orchard women fuck buddies stores. As do most retailers nowadays.

Besides the stores, most malls also usually had some centerpiece, usually a water fountain which also sometimes doubled as a wishing well. Others would have some Port orchard women fuck buddies sculpture, like a huge metallic thing titled "Spirit of Freedom" Created by s local artist. Our mall had one of those sculptures, r, and doubled as a wishing well. Best, it was just outside of Spencer's Gift so the scent of patchouli wafted over the trickling water.

Northbrook Court is in That's a little northwest of Evanston on the northern edge of Cook county. Anyone remember the short lived Old Chicago mall. They tried to Married housewives looking sex Atlanta Georgia a freaking carnival in the middle of the mall. It only lasted a few years before going bankrupt.

Please stop doing the work for him, R How hard is it to google the names of the malls to see where they are?