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A bald head is a terrible thing to waste.

Bald Head Products For The Absolute Beginner | Tools of Men

Whether you shave your head for the smooth, sleek look it provides, or to avoid the slow agony of a thinning hairline, make sure that you do it right. Although plat bald look can appear to be low maintenance, it requires careful attention to detail and a very steady hand.

Carelessness could leave you with unsightly mishaps such as ingrown hairs and razor burn. Use tried-and-true methods to give yourself an at-home, professional-grade head shave.

Ensure that your hair and scalp are clean and dry, then remove the guard comb from a pair of electric hair clippers. Glide the clippers from the front hairline to the rear top of your head.

Use straight, even motions, and brush the hair from the pllay between sweeps to avoid clogging the blades.

Smooth shaved head m looking to play Seeking Sexy Dating

Run the clippers with smooth, upward motions from the nape of your neck to the rear crown of your head. Use your hands to feel your way through the shave, or use two mirrors -- one behind your head and one in front of you -- to ensure that you don't miss sections. Repeat the process for each side of your head.

Remember to shave from bottom to top, and brush the loose hair from the Smooth shaved head m looking to play between sweeps. Shower or bathe with ho water and shampoo to soften the residual hairs, clean your scalp and open your pores.

Wet a shaving brush with hot water, then use it to scoop up a generous portion of shaving cream. Apply the shaving cream to your scalp with circular motions until your head is well-coated with the product.

How to Get a Smooth, Bald Look | Our Everyday Life

Use a clean, sharp razor to shave in the direction of hair growth with short, even strokes and very gentle pressure looking the entire scalp is smoothly shaved. Apply a second, thin layer of shaving cream to your head, then shave the scalp again -- this time against the direction of hair growth.

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Massage a nickle-sized portion of aftershave balm into you scalp to moisturize the skin and prevent razor burn. Chance Henson earned a B. While interning at the "University Press" newspaper and "UP Sjooth magazine he received an award for news feature writing from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association.

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Henson went on to serve as content editor for "CUSH Magazine," eventually leaving to pursue the development of an online secular humanist educational publication.

Shave your head for a bold look that's sure to impress. How to Get a Smooth Bald Look.

How to Comb an Artificial Hair Wig. Brought to you by LEAFtv.

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Items you will need Electric hair clippers Shaving cream Shaving brush Standard manual razor Aftershave balm Moisturizing sunscreen optional. Tip Apply a moisturizing sunscreen daily to avoid sunburn and potential skin irritation.

Warning Contact a physician if you experience skin irritation from shaving or an allergic reaction from shaving products. Oooking Your Head Haircuts for Men: How to Shave Your Head.

About the Author Chance Henson earned a B.